Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

3 Films

Pseudo Arcana PA-126


Cool new DVD from Pseudo Arcana that features a selection of films put together by Anthony Milton using raw footage culled from You Tube by using the search terms “historical New Zealand Super 8 film”. The resultant visuals have a distant memory vague appeal with a ton of surreal historical detail, airshows, folk festivals, landscapes... all combining in strange abstract forms while Hi-Asobi – the trio of Milton, Peter Wright and David Khan - generate power drones and eerie blues-inflected abstractions that add to overall dream/reverie feel. No region, all players compatible. Comes with a free digital download of the sonics.

Paintings Of Windows
Pororar River Mouth

Pseudo Arcana No Cat

Lathe-Cut LP + DVD

Stunning new electro-acoustic visioning of area sonorities from New Zealand’s Antony Milton aka A.M./Birdcatcher/Black Boned Angel/Mrtyu et al on an ultra-limited Peter King cut lathe LP with DVD and download: this one was recorded in Punakaiki, a small beach town on the wild and rugged South Island of New Zealand in 2013. Recorded over the space of one week, this is an album that really takes you *there*, combining sad elegiac drones recorded beneath open skies with oddly affecting field recordings made in the bush and on the shore and a series of hushed, fragile chants and song forms that summon the ghost of Alastair Galbraith as if it was recorded straight to Walkman by Andrew Chalk and Matthew Shaw. All music was made using a battery operated synthesizer and sampler, with recordings typically made at dusk “when the inspiration of the land/sea-scapes were at their most intense.” Indeed, as Antony says “The rush and whisper of ocean waves is perhaps the most dominant of voices here”. The set also comes with a mesmerising DVD featuring a film Antony made to go along with the music that documents his lonely sojourn out there at the edge of the world.  Hard to think of anyone who can so masterfully transmute their own peripatetic wanderings into such beautiful sound/image constructs. A mesmerising set from Antony and a continuation of Pseudo Arcana’s recent stunning form. Immediately sold out at source, very highly recommended! 

Various Artists
NoFi Rainbow Vol. 1

End Of The Alphabet Records EAR 001


Incredible new very limited proto-Tokyo Flashback scale compilation that attempts to take the temperature of the New Zealand underground circa now, complete with original artwork by Campbell Kneale: this one subverts and bolsters the NZ destructo rock/home-bled concrete tape work tradition, marrying tracks from heavyweights like Bruce Russell and Peter Wright, Campbell Kneale’s Our Love Will Destroy The World and Antony Milton alongside major new voices that range from obliterated almost Omit-scale homemade electronics, evacuate beats and splintered vocals through roaring drone and end of the world soundings courtesy of killer new breed voices like Mischancerie, ETRC aka Shannon Reed, i.ryoko, Oona Verse and Noel Meek. Highly recommended.