Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Nihilist Assault Group
Silent Movie

Hospital Productions HOS-142


Wild document of classic noise action from this alter ego of The New Blockaders featuring Richard Rupenus alongside Dominik Fernow (Prurient) and Ron Lessard aka Emil Beaulieu. Recorded live at the No Fun fest 2006, Silent Movie also comes with a silent DVD of the show that makes for pretty surreal viewing when viewed without the record spinning in the background. DVD also comes with a commentary by G.X. Jupiter-Larsen. Edition of 500 copies.

Richard Ramirez & MSBR
Negative/Offensive: A Tribute To The New Blockaders

Ecstatic Peace E#85e


Collaborative tribute to the UK’s New Blockaders from Richard Ramirez (Black Leather Jesus et al) and the late Koji Tano aka MSBR. Recorded via mail, this is noise in the classic inchoate boulders of fuzz and tectonic machine noise style of TNB, with sheets of feedback wrapped around the movement of monolithic shapes somewhere just beyond the horizon. Classic, oppressive monochrome psych that combines the spiked Japanese style with some leather boy Texan stylings.

Mixed Band Philanthropist
The Impossible Humane

Staubgold #129


Inspired reissue of one of the all-time oddball UK Industrial/experimental underground classics, Mixed Band Philanthropists’s legendary The Impossible Humane. MBP was a pseudonym for Richard Rupenus of The New Blockaders and pals who put to together this insane LP in 1987 with the help of a bunch of cassette contributions from a veritable who’s-who of DIY/avant gods. MBP then dredge the whole thing through several layers of impossible aural logic until you have one of the most spectacularly grid-locked and obsessively dense sides of scattershot/ plunderphonic noise/drone never released by United Dairies and this side of Orchid Spangiafora. Includes appearances from Nurse With Wound, Andrew Chalk, Nihilist Assault Group, The New Blockaders, Organum, Asmus Tietchens, Smegma, Tom Recchion, Merzbow, The Haters, Giancarlo Toniutti, HNAS, P16.D4, Vortex Campaign and more. Obsessive, endlessly intricate and inspired in its construction, simultaneously crude and sophisticated in its unfolding, pretty much the apex of underground/DIY collage tape work. Highly recommended!

The New Blockaders & Creation Through Destruction
Negative Mass

4iB Records 4iB-007


Mind-blotting new collaboration that takes the TNB sound to new levels of aural savagery in collaboration with Serbian harsh noise actionists Creation Through Destruction in a numbered edition of 250 copies with insert: this is one of the darker, more atmospherically occluded of the TNB releases, recalling, in its use of subliminal voices and vocal tone, their incredibly disturbing set at Thurston Moore’s Nightmare Before Christmas in 2006 that came out on Blossoming Noise as Das Zerstoren, Zum Gebaren. The ‘wall noise’ attack of Creation Through Destruction provides a second veil of dense, semi-permeable electronics, making this one of the most of the spectrally brutal of the TNB collaborations.