Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

The Aether Myth'd
The Eight

Spirit Of Orr SO-65


New collection of material from this east coast acid/freak unit featuring Paul Labrecque and Ron Schneiderman of Sunburned Hand Of The Man alongside a bunch of mystery 'guests'. All assembled from recordings that span 2004 through to 2007 mostly made at their Blueberry Studio space in Brattleboro, VT. This is heavy guitar psych dilated to the point of narcolepsy, with lazy cartwheeling lead guitar ala Jerry Garcia working static acid assemblages of endlessly rotating notes while a second guitar dunts a bunch of notes into amorphous shapes somewhere in the distance. Primitive basement psych that should appeal to any Twisted Village aficionados pining for a new apex of high. This is a tour-only disc in a run of 200 hand-assembled copies.

Franklin's Mint
Time Bends Light

Sunburned Records No Cat


New limited self-released solo album from Phil Franklin, Sunburned Hand Of The Man’s wildcard stand-up man, art visionary and song and dance man. The follow-up to the excellent Gold CD, this one stretches further into the kind of saw-dust gargling American country-honk forms of players like Steve Young, Country Honk-era Stones, Flying Burrito Brothers, Skip Spence and The Grateful Dead circa Working Man’s Dead. Franklin is a beautiful songwriter with a very personal take on classic song writing and private press sonics and this is an excellent collision of both that takes his vision well outside of the Sunburned cultus and into the stream of classic American songforms. Comes packaged in a wooden box with paste-on artwork. Edition of 100.

Enos Slaughter

Three Lobed No Cat

2xLP + CD

Limited to 679 copies, with the sonics spread over three sides of vinyl and a bonus CD that replicates alla the music, Beisbol is the meatiest outing yet from the trio of Carter Thornton (Izititiz/Zashiki-Warashi et al), Dave Shuford (The No-Neck Blues Band/D. Charles Speer) and Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand Of The Man). With improvisations based around banjo, guitar, piano, accordion, tape recorders, mandolin, harmonica and zurna, Beisbol feels like an imaginary fourth world ethnic music that draws equal sustenance from the visions of Sun Ra and Dock Boggs, moving from mutant sea shanties ala Maher Shalal Has Baz through subtly zoned piano fragments, scattershot almost-jazz assaults and spacious imaginings of single note architectures. Which is to say the playing is out but the feel is in. Comes with baseball-related sleeve and two-sided insert, pressed on 180g vinyl.

Cave Bears

Horribble And Useless

Yod Tapes #19



Demented angular synth with helium-vox and cartoon cut-ups from this group from Turners Fall, MA, much championed by Sunburned Hand Of The Man. 

Sunburned Hand Of The Man
Spraycan In Space

Manhand MH-102


”76th (and final) instalment in the Sunburned 2008 live series brings us to the new Mystery Train featuring special guests Matthew ‘MV’ Valentine on shred and Matt Krefting (Son Of Earth et al) on speeches. Christmas music for Eddie Quasar. Edit and layout by Sarah.” – MH. Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies.

D. Charles Speer & The Helix

Three Lobed No Cat


Deluxe 180g vinyl in heavy Stoughton gatefold sleeves from this offshoot from the No-Neck mothership led by David Shuford and featuring Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand Of The Man), Hans Chew (Jack Rose et al) and Rob Gregory (The Suntanama). Distillation is an even deeper countrified pass through classic Americana given the kind of psychedelic nudie suit edge of The Byrds circa Sweetheart/Notorious or the first Flying Burrito Brothers album. Shuford’s vocals have an uncommon weigh that gives the songs a Biblical/basement tapes feel while the arrangements are weirdly sophisticated in a way that rewards repeated deep listening. Edition of 891 copies, bundled with a bonus CD that features a live set from the group and an MP3 download coupon.

Head Of Wantastiquet

Unsound Recordings UNR-013


Edition of 120 copies CD-R documenting a live performance from Paul Labrecque (Sunburned Hand Of The Man/Trees Chants And Hollers/The Other Method et al). Labrecque’s string work makes reference to the lonesome sound of Sandy Bull and John Fahey while connecting with the experiments in contemporary American Primitive drone of Paul Metzger and Matthew Valentine. Quietly psychedelic and spellbindingly intimate. In full colour gatefold card sleeve. 

The Other Method
No Bridges No Walls

Wooden Finger 02


Second release from the label that brought us the phenomenally popular Trees, Chants & Hollers from Valerie Webb and Paul Labrecque. The Other Method is that duo’s electric/horns group and No Bridges No Walls gathers recordings that date from the same time as their previous release, One Eye Love Is and also features Michael Kay from Sunburned Hand Of The Man. This is electronics, horns, vocals and drums bent with the same kind of elastic ferocity as yr favourite brass-devouring free jazz duo. Also touches on some nice zones of chattering delay that summon up visions of small constellations melting into slow blobs of tone somewhere in the throat of Marshall Allen midway through Phil Niblock’s Sun Ra film The Magic Sun as well as some subtle, almost modal trance pieces that will please fans of Trees, Chants…Limited to only 150 copies.

Egg, Eggs
The Cleansing Power Of Fruit

Feeding Tube Records FTR-073


Wild side of freaked psych rock, psychotic almost-sound poetry, brokedown drones, Basil Kirchin-style tape manipulation and wayward Ubu-styled avant garage from a big band led by David Russell on vocals and electronics and featuring John Moloney of Sunburned Hand Of The Man on drums, electronics and guitar and a bunch of North East heads including guest appearances by Matthew Valentine and Conrad Capistran. Can’t quite get my head around it, is this like a free-folk Gary Wilson with a penchant for homemade psychedelic concrete? A puzzlingly beautiful release, edition of 500 copies.

Eleven Twenty-Nine
In The Sunlight

Drawing Room Records DR-00002


Excellent new jukebox 7” from the duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand Of The Man), here joined by Betsy Nichols (Michael Hurley) on vocals and Michael Evans on drums for a full-band sound: very different in tone and attack from their Northern Spy LP, this is fantastic set of vaguely country-tinged hunch and European psychedelic volk. The a side is a gorgeous composition by Tom with his and Betsy’s vocals intertwining with alla the beauty of Gila’s classic Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee before Tom makes with a wild psychedelic fuzz solo. Orleans’ track on the flip has a fantastic sepia-toned early SF feel that’s somewhere between the original Charlatans, the International Submarine Band and early Dead. Totally great. More please!

Hair On The Sidewalk

Sockets SCDR-25


Limited to 200 DVD/CD set that documents a live show in Philadelphia where Kohoutek opened for Bardo Pond while projecting Death Wish and a Jane Fonda workout vid as a backdrop. Line-up is vocals, guitar, bass, drums and electronics and the feel is of the kinda ethno-fused rocket velocity of the more improvised Sun City Girls and Sunburned Hand Of The Man cut with classic Kosmiche rock alla AMT, Bardo and Kraut sundowners like Ash Ra, Can et al with some acerbic UK avant-punk thrown into the mix. Previous Kohoutek collaborators have included Paul Flaherty, Little Howlin' Wolf and George Kinney of Texas psych legends The Golden Dawn.