Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Carlos Giffoni
Welcome Home

Important Records IMPREC-064


Great retrospective of Giffoni’s (Monotract/No Fun et al) recent thought – 2002-2005 – recorded straight to hard drive and scored for a fist of fucked electro-murk and buzzsaw digital gliss. Somewhere between Merzbow circa Noisembryo and Decaer Ping circa yesterday. Features guest appearances from Peter Rehberg and Dino Felipe. Full-colour hard card gatefold sleeve with art by Maya Miller of Double Leopards/Religious Knives.

Carlos Giffoni
I Am Real

No Fun 02


Beautifully crude LP from the spark behind New York’s already-legendary No Fun Fest and collaborator with players like Dylan Nyoukis and Thurston Moore. Wild electronic churn cut with a glue of ginchy almost-melody that gives the whole thing the repetitive psychoactive edge of the faultiest minimalism. An all-night flight spent licking batteries and huffing lighter fluid. Second release on the newly-minted No Fun label, packaged primitive-punk style. Edition of 300, no re-press ever.

Carlos Giffoni & Lasse Marhaug
Lesbian Brunch

Archive #29


Limited edition of 500 copies of a duo studio session between Monotract/No Fun electro-yob Carlos Giffoni and Lasse Marhaug of Jazzkammer/Nash Kontrol et al. Fuzzy, intensely-compacted blocks of noise give way to pounding Industrial electro rhythms and fireflies of cracked electrics in a way that is satisfyingly stupe. Packaged in the usual classy fold-out full-colour Archive art sleeves.

Carlos Giffoni

Important Records Imprec-191


”Limited edition of 300 copies in a heavy stock screen printed jacket. A Zamuro is a dark South American vulture of great size. Zamuro is also a solo composition piece for portable synth and analog filter. Side A on this LP is a live realization of this piece recorded at the Compound in San Francisco in 2006 (Mastered by Lasse Marhaug). Carlos composed and performed this piece live on several tours in the US/Europe/Japan all trough out 2006 and 2007, if you saw him live in those two years this is the piece he performed. This was the most complete version of it that made it to tape. Side B is a studio piece recorded live on a much larger modular synth, based around the same theme, but with structural and tonal variations not in the original composition. .This is pure psychedelic electronic music. Cover illustration by Megan Ellis. Screen printed at Monoroid.” – IR.

Carlos Giffoni
The Absence Of Essence

Arbor #99


“Carlos Giffoni’s heavy synthesizer work recalls the crushing, massiveness of early industrial music. Completely consuming the air around it with heavy vibrations and total deprivation. These four tracks rip holes through the sonic barriers, loud and powerful but with entrancing subtleties and discreet builds. The nature of the 7” format does not harm Giffoni’s work which normally exists in extended lengths; instead very succinct and unwavering compositions result: creating four vignettes of grey industrial zones. As the person responsible for No Fun Productions and the No Fun Fest, this Brooklyn transplants presence in the current progression of the genre is undeniable. In an edition of 400 2x7”(one on white vinyl and one on black) sets in gatefold sleeves with art by Maya Miller of Heavy Tapes/Religious Knives.” – Arbor.

Prurient & Carlos Giffoni
Heavy Rain Returns

Ideal Recordings Ideal-030


New collaboration between Carlos Giffoni and Dominik Fernow. Starts off in an intense, minimal-beats Suicide style before Dominik erupts with classic Beelzebub throat contortions and Giffoni lays out blankets of loud chattering insect invasion over what has got to be the ginchiest rhythmic base ever eviscerated by Prurient. Levels of fuzz are beautifully eruptive and the second track gets even further into the whole "we're all Frankies/we're all lying in hell" feel.

Merzbow + Carlos Giffoni
Synth Destruction

Important Records


Outrageously heavy live collaboration between Masami Akita's Merzbow project and Carlos Giffoni of Monotract/No Fun et al. Recorded live during Giffoni's Synth Destruction tour of Japan in September 2006, the set is all-analog, with huge pile-ups of singing circuitry bleeding into expressways of non-stop gush.

Carlos Giffoni/The Rita
Two On A Match

No Fun NFP-38


“The ongoing study and execution of harsh noise by driven artists constantly reinstates the medium via different techniques, concepts, and different artist amalgamations for a collaborative work. For myself, working with the different 'warbling' and generative moving lines of modular synth from Carlos Giffoni offered me a chance to investigate many different 'spaces' of tone and line manipulation. The examination and crossing of the different LINES slowly become their own parallel entity as the adjoined and wavy synth lines are further dirtied, cut repeatedly, and joined with the knife of 'gated' and cutting HN pedal work. To further manipulate and display the different lines and HN stylizations, Giffoni had the opportunity to heavily edit the textural work of The Rita to exude the constantly moving and jutting sense of Giffoni's own pulsing and driving synth decay via the dirtied analog source material of The Rita. Modular synth and pedal work have been long standing tools in the world of harsh noise, but not often are they crossed over with such investigative and crackling tendencies – a virtual criss-crossing of the different technical lines.” - Sam McKinlay/The Rita. Limited to 300 copies.

Carlos Giffoni

Hospital Productions HOS-253


"After developing his calling card on Adult Life and the eternal releases Carlos Giffoni defines his signature with compositional electronic music. Melding the analog drone colliding tonality of the past expressions and introducing minimalist sequencer details a pure electronic landscape is cultivated that nurtures the formation a man makes in stepping from the mysteries of youth into adulthood." - HP.

No Fun Acid
This Is No Fun Acid 3

No Label No Cat


Limited tour-only CD from Carlos Giffoni’s new solo project dedicated to primitive techno and acid house. Two minimal tracks that combine Industrial drones with squiggles, beats and synthesized wormholes.

Optimo Tracks

Display Copy DSP-001


Edition of 200 hand-numbered copies self-released CD from Glasgow’s Konx-Om-Pax aka digital artist Tom Scholefield, best known in the VT universe for his artwork on Oneohtrix Point Never’s Rifts 2xCD. Optimo Tracks consists of work specially composed for an installation at the Optimo Espacio club night in March 2009. The tracks move from tortured and treated avant rock through sublime Coil/NWW style driftworks and mangled Industrial pile-up, the last of which gets a totally wonked No Fun Acid remix courtesy of Carlos Giffoni.

Various Arsonists
Showtunes Of The Condemned

Hospital Productions HOS-93


Compilation put together by Dominik Fernow of Prurient and featuring a buncha tracks by Kites, Sinking Body, Pleasurehorse, Smashed Femur Dance Party, Work/Death and Meerk Puffy.

Memory Repeating

AA Records No Cat

7" Lathe

Limited edition hand-cut lathe on Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Alivia Zivich's own label with a single blast of intense power-blues-noise from Dominik Fernow aka Prurient on a painted black lathe in a printed kraft paper sleeve bag.


Important Records Imprec-123


Limited to 500 copies split single with double-sided screen printed jackets and coloured vinyl. Bundles early ultra-primitive material from both groups that makes for an endlessly flippable slab of wax.

Adam Tied To Stone

Blossoming Noise PYG06VIN


Hand-numbered edition of 500 copies LP from Dominik Fernow's power electronics project, already sold-out at source. On 140g green marbled vinyl. Fucked up spastic noise rhythms with dark atmospherics and tool sheds of percussion. Features some of Dom's most hysterical, throat-shredding vocals, double-tracked for maximum malevolence. The side-long opener is a particular blast, just mutilated with feedback and overdriven by the kind of blitzkrieg of multiphonics that levelled Faust's Rien.

Various Artists
Old Tyme Lemonade

Hospital Productions HOS-91A


Compilation of Providence and Rhode Island area free/rock/noise artists put together by Domink Fernow of Prurient and featuring tracks from Landed, Noise Nomads, Necronomitron, Mindflayer, Knights Of Timbre, Em Dath Rir, Prurient, Dropdead, Mahi Mahi, Seratone, Football Rabbit, Suffering Bastard, Smashed Femur Dance Party, Throne Of Blood, Kites, Lightning Bolt, Kinfestorm, Meerk Puffy, White Mice and Patootie Lobe.

Panicsville + Prurient
The Rubber Baron

Rococo Records RCC-0038


Collaboration from US scuzz/noise units Panicsville and Prurient in an edition of 300 copies on opaque red vinyl.

Prurient/Kevin Drumm
All Are Guests In The House Of The Lord

Hospital Productions HOS-201


CD edition of the very limited cassette collaboration between these two modern masters of extreme electronic architecture. But it’s not the 100 mile head-fuck that the combination of these two names might suggest, with long passages of electronics and hand-drums that almost touch on the endlessly still waters of Popol Vuh circa Affenstunde all cut up with portentous narration and glissing drones. Later tracks combine almost Neu Wave-styled Industrial ritual with peaking Penderecki-esque tone annihilation and the sound of heavy machinery dreaming itself.

Nihilist Assault Group
Silent Movie

Hospital Productions HOS-142


Wild document of classic noise action from this alter ego of The New Blockaders featuring Richard Rupenus alongside Dominik Fernow (Prurient) and Ron Lessard aka Emil Beaulieu. Recorded live at the No Fun fest 2006, Silent Movie also comes with a silent DVD of the show that makes for pretty surreal viewing when viewed without the record spinning in the background. DVD also comes with a commentary by G.X. Jupiter-Larsen. Edition of 500 copies.

The History Of Aids

Hospital Productions HOS-79


Vinyl edition of this classic Prurient side recorded in 2000 and originally released by Armageddon. Still some of Fernow’s most bleakly beautiful work, with the friction between the lyrics (which are based around the love poetry of the Persian Sufi mystic Rumi: Coil used his words to similarly disarming effect on Horse Rotovator) and the massively fucked-up nature of the sonics (contorted vocals, fuzz like boulders, fluxing low end thunder) making for a disturbingly personal vision of body horror, disease and redemption. Every Prurient release feels like a working-through of various Fernow fears/obsessions and The History Of AIDS is the process at its most transparent and skeletal. By turns frightening, upsetting and desperately moving; either way, this is a singular release.

Cold Cave/Prurient
Stars Explode

Hospital Productions HOS-266

12” EP

Limited vinyl edition of the Cold Cave/Prurient collaborative UK tour cassette that came out in an edition of 100 copies in 2009 with the addition of a brand new track. Very different in tone from what either group has done before, Stars Explode presents a series of very beautifully slow-moving drone compositions that have all of the ancient tectonic power of Nijiumu’s Era Of Sad Wings. Heavenly choirs of synth vibrate on the very edge of the horizon while arcs of symphonic underwater keyboards bubble to the surface. The beats break through on the third track, a jack-hammer Suicide-style instrumental before breaking into a final track that combines epic/euphoric drone melodies with macabre F/X-contorted vocals. Aspects of Coil, Klaus Schulze, Walter Wegmuller.... but truly its own thing. A major step outside. Highly recommended.