Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Salon des Amateurs

Pome Pome Tones PPT-1


Edition of only 200 copies LP from this Finnish free/rock commune: a welcome return for this Finnish behemoth after a prolonged period of silence. Salon des Amateurs presents a set of extended jams that combine the fractured logic of the Faust Tapes with heavy, bass-driven dirges and Silence/Ohr/Pilz-style psychedelic punk strategies. Everything is nailed into place by the nod-out rhythm section, providing an anchor for some way out orbits of electronics, guitar, communal percussion and hypnotic sleight of hand that could almost pass for goddamn Siloah outtakes. Where is the shops where I can buy all the dope I want? Right here, dude. Highly recommended!

Luonnon Ilmioita

Boing Being BONG-17

7" EP

2002 EP (plays at 33) of hulking cult-jam lumber from the heaviest of the free Finnish tribes led by Mr Arttu Partinen. Aspects of Smegma, International Harvester and Amon Duul combine in toytown folk paeans to the pleasure of total sensual overload. OOP.