Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Merzbow + Carlos Giffoni
Synth Destruction

Important Records


Outrageously heavy live collaboration between Masami Akita's Merzbow project and Carlos Giffoni of Monotract/No Fun et al. Recorded live during Giffoni's Synth Destruction tour of Japan in September 2006, the set is all-analog, with huge pile-ups of singing circuitry bleeding into expressways of non-stop gush.

Merzbow & John Wiese
Free Piano/Hypersomnia

Helicopter/Misanthropic Agenda H-37/MAR-011

7" Picture Disc

Limited hand-numbered picture disc single with two collaborative tracks from John Wiese and Masami Akita aka Merzbow. Edition of 500 copies.

Collection 009

Urashima UMA-052


Fantastic archival trove from Masami Akita’s Merzbow, restoring heady/ritualistic electro-acoustic works from 1981 in an edition of only 199 copies: this sounds nothing like the walls of electronic noise that constitute ‘classic’ Merzbow sides like Noisembryo and is drawn from re-processed live sessions from Akita and early duo partner Kiyoshi Mizutani that were originally presented as part of the legendary 10 cassette set, Merzbow – Collection. The effect is much subtler and more hallucinogenic than later works, with sound sources drawn from recorded tapes, audio feedback, percussion, metal and other acoustic instruments. Indeed the first side has a haunted basil Kirchin/early Nurse With Wound feel with a distant, forlorn piano dosed with high feedback tones and skittering tape edits including eerie snatches of opera song before bleeding into what could almost be a recording of Ornette’s Town Hall gig as recorded through six feet of concrete. There’s a hazy appeal to the recording that somehow softens the electro/acoustic barbarity and at points the improvised sounds are closer to something like, say, a Japanese take on the Music Improvisation Company than Violent Onsen Geisha. I still maintain that the early Merzbow acoustic duo sides are some of the most exciting and inventive of Akita’s career and this is a massively persuasive side, a potent combination of noise, free improvisation, electro-acoustic composition and industrial surrealism that at the time had little parallel outside of possibly Nurse With Wound. The set comes pressed on 140g vinyl in a black silver silkscreen sleeve on luxury 160g paper. Highly recommended.


Cold Spring Records CSR-200P

Pic Disc LP + CD

The 200th release from Cold Spring and one of the absolute highlights of recent work from Masami Akita aka Merzbow in an edition of 500 copies: Nezumimochi presents a picture disc vinyl and CD, both of which have different material, and that touches on late period Whitehouse, wretched Industrial takes on the motorik of Giorgio Moroder and the austere non-music of prime Conrad Schnitzler, all given a flamethrower production. Some of the densest/deepest ‘noise’ from Akita this side of the amazing Noisembryo here, with sudden drop cuts to pure hissing static, loops of lung-shredding vocal and a massively hypnotic, technicolour atmosphere. Some of the more minimal passages are as body invasive and brain tangling as Maryanne Amacher’s third ear soundings. A signal release from Merzbow, very highly recommended!