Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Mark Sadgrove/Anthony Guerra
Iron Sand

Black Petal/A Binary Datum /


“Mark Sadgrove and Anthony Guerra are a pair of Australasian transplants currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Iron Sand is a series of electric guitar duets illuminated with harp, electronics, vocals and acoustic strings. Both players work minimal repeating shapes into nagging, emotionally insistent cells of smudged tone that re-visit the same territories again and again, as if to force a gentle confession of significance from the same two or three staggered notes. And it works. There’s something of Loren Connors’ foggy, late night style to the sound of the guitars, with washes of silver strings and solitary single notes left suspended in space. But whereas Connors uses variously amplified techniques in order to access the kind of highly-articulate zone where music and speech blur into one, Sadgrove and Guerra opt for re-statements of the most simplistic musical phonetics in order to access hypnagogic states. This is a magical, delicate recording, where minimal guitar lines interact with roaring analogue silence to create a music that somehow manages to combine stark, auraless playing with a deep, psychedelic atmosphere.” – David Keenan/The Wire.

Giant Squid

Dungeon Taxis #24


Great duo set from two ex-pat New Zealanders Mark Sadgrove and Mark Anderson: this is a killer, with a euphoric garage/pop edge that could almost be the album Peter Jefferies never made with daily Dance’s Doug Snyder and Bob Thompson. Drums and guitar w/a hazy DIY recording style play thunderous full-on melodic implosion while out-of-focus vocals leer all the way over the top and Jandek cuts the most power-punking side of his career. This would’ve sounded great on Xpressway back in the day. As it is this is a beautiful out of time shot of primitive basement rock glee. Recommended. 

Matthew Nidek & Anthony Guerra

The Seedy R


Drums/guitar duo splurge recorded live in Sydney, Australia on 2nd January 2005 that works trashed fuzz and fists of percussion into a post-Vampire Belt tribute to Sound Of Confusion-era Spacemen 3. Fuck!

Rainbow Conez
Live At Shibuya Echo

Black Petal #39


More supremely disobedient a-formal destructo rock from the sainted Breakdance The Dawn cabal, this time it's Antipan minus one member, hence the name-change. Here we have Matt Earle (Breakdance/Muura/Craft Bandits/you name it) on guitar, Anthony Guerra (Black Petal et al) on drums and Nick Dan on bass and vocals. Recorded live at Echo in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2010 by Earle, this may be the wildest side of Antipan music to date with a bass that sounds like a huge electrified rubber band, a guitar that combines crude single-note Blues stomps with cranky Rudolph Grey-isms and drums that mix the detonating style of Rashied Ali with the caveman ugh of yr favourite pluke. Tracks are held together with the flimsiest of refusenik logic, with Guerra keeping it martial even when the strings are expiring in gasps of tortuous feedback. Think early Royal Trux via The Shaggs via Kito Mizukumi Rouber and spin it next to your favourite 'punk' 7 for an eye-opening lesson in total musical freedom. Impossibly great, with the usual beautiful packaging from Black Petal. 


Love Chants

RIP Society RIP-038

12” EP

Amazing set of blasted downer folk/rock bliss from three masters of the form; Michael Zulicki of Mad Nanna et al, Matt Earle of Breakdance The Dawn etc and Anthony Guerra Of Black Petal and so on in an edition of 300 copies: Love Chants use guitar, drums and vocals to generate somnambulant slow-motion garage moves that take nod-out re-thinks of the third Velvet Underground album and dilate it with almost-Loren Connors-style single chord poetry and the kinda free-floating garage psych of Japan’s Suishou No Fune. As a vocalist Guerra exhales more than sings, adding blushes of luminous tone to the tracks in a way that comes over like a post-coital take on the barely-there tradition pioneered by Reiko Kudo, Ai Aso et al. The playing somehow manages to be simultaneously restrained and tightrope-walking, constantly teetering on total collapse while navigating the kind of instant universal music of a Babi or A Little Treatise On Morals shot through with great gobs of silent white light. Heartbreaking idiot avant at some kind of a-formal peak. Very highly recommended!

Your Intestines

Breakdance The Dawn BDTD-193


Wild live set, recorded late last year, from this long-running Australian underground outfit that features Matt Earle and Anthony Guerra on guitars, Adam Sussmann on bass and Peter Blamey on drums: this is an hysterically brutal set, coming over like a no-technique thug-punk take on the opening seconds of Whitehouse’s “Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel” transposed for hands-on avant garage assault, with pummelling percussion, pugilistic bass blats and amplifier-destroying feedback violence. From there we’re into the kind of obsessively cranked non-stop energy constructs that would reconcile the live Taurpis Tula sound circa their Spykes collaboration and the sound of Vermonster plays the Silence back catalogue. A monster, highly recommended. 

Galah Galah Galah

Breakdance The Dawn BDTD-192


Major new jams from the world-beating trio of Anthony Guerra (Love Chants/Black Petal et al), Patrick O’Brien (Mad Nanna) and Nick Dan (xNoBBQx): this is an amazing side of complete guitar deconstruction with what sounds at points like Mad Nanna play Jimi’s “Star Spangled Banner”. Pat and Michael from Mad Nanna have arguably done as much to reconstruct contemporary guitar think as Bill Orcutt or Jandek and here the players combine wonked single note solos that are totally non-exegetic with an overall dynamic that is classic all-soloing rock/roll blare, birthing the kinda hybrid that wails and sulks, that staggers all over the place tonally while providing the kind of devastatingly stupe string burn of your favourite acid casualties. A stunning modern guitar record, more please!