Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

The Puke Eaters
Y.M.I. Dead?

Vauva 06


Two new tracks of post-Godz aural confusion and homemade psych from these Finnish nuts that sometimes feature Chris Corsano. On Jan Anderzen of Kemialliset Ystavat’s label. “Two tracks by the Puke Eaters, the A side was originally conceived as a theme for an album dealing with Deihoma, the man who wandered inside "the Worm that ate the world" in order to slay it. Strictly Steen & Rusty, as inept as ever. B side has Rusty involved in the act of synthesizer desecration with some nameless slave. Steen Guru vocals were added later via the method of overdubbing.” - Ralf Normaali

Tony Bevan/Chris Corsano/Dominic Lash
Monster Club

Foghorn Records FGCD-010


New self-released CD on saxophonist Tony Bevan’s label documenting a wild free jazz trio that pits Bevan on soprano, tenor and bass saxophones against drummer Chris Corsano and bassist Dominic Lash. This is an explosive set, one that owes more to the classic fire music modes of post-Coltrane improvisation than the dry stylings of the Steve Noble set. Bevan’s command of the instrument is staggering, blowing chunky, luminous lines that are full of mystery and atmosphere before cascading through the instrument’s most phantom registers, taking long, vocalised solos that push the extreme style of the Reverend Frank Wright into almost Urabe-esque territories. Bassist Lash blends beautifully with Bevan’s ferocious/melodic style while Corsano provides the bulk of the acceleration, pushing the group into the kind of aggressive vectors usually inaccessible to UK improvisers. Fantastic and highly recommended.