Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

The Hunter Gracchus
The Bolsheviks Shat In My Brain

Chocolate Monk Choc-198


“New hydroponic sketches of freakdom from Sheffield that should satisfy those of you with that roaring appetite for freedumb jams and methnic drone-outs. I hear delerious barkings of glue factory workers, the hanging heaviness of the local nut houses 'drum and squal' therapy sessions, pockmarked harmonium hymns to Harry Pussy, and whole bunch of giblets that I can't quite put my fingers in, but it sure does make one of my eyes twitch, so I say let the sweltering fog descend, we don't need no torch.” – Dylan Nyoukis.

Akke Phallus Duo

Apollolaan Recordings APAN-048


Great new all-improvised junk ritual and ethno-blurt from the winning duo of Jon Marshall (Hunter Gracchus/La Drapeau  et al) and Ben Morris (Chora/Le Drapeau Noir et al). A little more over-loaded than any of the players’ previous outings, this has almost a Futura/Red Records ‘feel’, with the kind of odd percussive miniatures, contorted almost-jazz and convulsive vocalese that would situate it somewhere downwind of Jac Berrocal w/aspects of the more ferocious passages of Richard Youngs’ Festival or even Flower/Corsano factored in. There’s a tactile, hands-on quality to the jams that is well beyond the usual improv furniture-polishers and if the sound of swallowing your own tongue makes you a sound-poet then these guys are friggin Lettrists. A great set that mixes psych, bandstand rocking freedom and hands-on DIY ritual to maximal psychoactive effect. Edition of 100 copies.