Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Akke Phallus Duo

Apollolaan Recordings APAN-048


Great new all-improvised junk ritual and ethno-blurt from the winning duo of Jon Marshall (Hunter Gracchus/La Drapeau  et al) and Ben Morris (Chora/Le Drapeau Noir et al). A little more over-loaded than any of the players’ previous outings, this has almost a Futura/Red Records ‘feel’, with the kind of odd percussive miniatures, contorted almost-jazz and convulsive vocalese that would situate it somewhere downwind of Jac Berrocal w/aspects of the more ferocious passages of Richard Youngs’ Festival or even Flower/Corsano factored in. There’s a tactile, hands-on quality to the jams that is well beyond the usual improv furniture-polishers and if the sound of swallowing your own tongue makes you a sound-poet then these guys are friggin Lettrists. A great set that mixes psych, bandstand rocking freedom and hands-on DIY ritual to maximal psychoactive effect. Edition of 100 copies.