Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Wolf Eyes/Prurient
The Warriors

Gods of Tundra


Gods of Tundra dish up an elegant platter of brut soup from these twin pillars of US black noise. The Warriors is the first vinyl release to feature GoT label boss Mike Connelly in the Wolf Eyes scrum and their sidelong track, “The Terror Tank”, is particularly hell raising. Growing out of the motorik clank of knuckles rapping on a giant disintegrating metal structure, contact mics are thrust head first into the gut of a gurgling furnace, reporting back whole macro-systems of unknown tonal potential. Waves of amplified insect tongue swarm around bass frequencies bloodier than an exhibition of glistening abattoir victims, while disembodied palms hover over hot-wired theremins like phantom faith healers. The side unravels into a slow motion wheeze of bronchial electronics offset against lightening flashes of degraded walkman rewind. The Prurient side is just as head harvesting. Unrelentingly heavy on the high end; electrified dog whistle shocks are intersected by explosions of enraptured primal balling and drum machines collapsing due to their own sheer animal urgency. Locomotive bolts of damaged FX discharge from makeshift mixing desks, as Dominik Fernow sheds several layers of lining from his throat over the course of nine pieces. Last track, “Early Morning Rites” is the real slayer, with blitzkrieg sing-songs bleeding into sine tones as high and fucking lonesome as nothing since Whitehouse’s Buchenwald, all consigned to digital obliteration with the sickly, knee trembling suggestion of imminent dirty sex. Each record features petrified spider web designs individually hand painted by Connelly. Limited to 300. Highly recommended. – Alex.

Memory Repeating

AA Records No Cat

7" Lathe

Limited edition hand-cut lathe on Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Alivia Zivich's own label with a single blast of intense power-blues-noise from Dominik Fernow aka Prurient on a painted black lathe in a printed kraft paper sleeve bag.




Incredible Prurient LP in a limited edition of 500 copies, one of the wildest refusals yet from Dominik Fernow and one that implies a whole host of potential new trajectories for exegetic noise. "Quite possibly the most intense release Hanson has unveiled yet. Truly brutal 2001 recordings from Dominick Fernow via the same sessions that spawned his track for the legendary At The End Of The Roap compilation. Cryptic lyrics shouted out in extreme pain over two sides of ear splitting feedback cutting crudely thru heavy pummeling static and hiss. For fans of the perverse noise & power electronics of Sutcliffe Jugend, Skin Crime, and Mangled C***. Includes 11"x 17" insert, and housed in a slick grey and black silkscreened cardstock jacket featuring the usual Hanson outer 'droll flaps.'" - Aaron Dilloway.

Prurient & Carlos Giffoni
Heavy Rain Returns

Ideal Recordings Ideal-030


New collaboration between Carlos Giffoni and Dominik Fernow. Starts off in an intense, minimal-beats Suicide style before Dominik erupts with classic Beelzebub throat contortions and Giffoni lays out blankets of loud chattering insect invasion over what has got to be the ginchiest rhythmic base ever eviscerated by Prurient. Levels of fuzz are beautifully eruptive and the second track gets even further into the whole "we're all Frankies/we're all lying in hell" feel.


Important Records Imprec-123


Limited to 500 copies split single with double-sided screen printed jackets and coloured vinyl. Bundles early ultra-primitive material from both groups that makes for an endlessly flippable slab of wax.

Adam Tied To Stone

Blossoming Noise PYG06VIN


Hand-numbered edition of 500 copies LP from Dominik Fernow's power electronics project, already sold-out at source. On 140g green marbled vinyl. Fucked up spastic noise rhythms with dark atmospherics and tool sheds of percussion. Features some of Dom's most hysterical, throat-shredding vocals, double-tracked for maximum malevolence. The side-long opener is a particular blast, just mutilated with feedback and overdriven by the kind of blitzkrieg of multiphonics that levelled Faust's Rien.


Editions Mego 091


“New York based Prurient (aka Dominick Fernow) has been an active instigator of the Power Electronics and Noise genres for well over a decade, with 100+ releases issued so far, usually limited and over all known formats. Its with great pleasure that Editions Mego present this new set of Prurient compositions. Comprising of 3 ear splitting tracks of high end quality feedback, disturbed vocals and twisted percussion. While previewing this work for release on a flight from Milan to Vienna it came to the attention of the listener that an irritated passenger 2 rows in front complained of high pitched whistling in the air conditioning. Such is the power of Arrowhead.” – EM.

Nihilist Assault Group
Silent Movie

Hospital Productions HOS-142


Wild document of classic noise action from this alter ego of The New Blockaders featuring Richard Rupenus alongside Dominik Fernow (Prurient) and Ron Lessard aka Emil Beaulieu. Recorded live at the No Fun fest 2006, Silent Movie also comes with a silent DVD of the show that makes for pretty surreal viewing when viewed without the record spinning in the background. DVD also comes with a commentary by G.X. Jupiter-Larsen. Edition of 500 copies.

Various Arsonists
Showtunes Of The Condemned

Hospital Productions HOS-93


Compilation put together by Dominik Fernow of Prurient and featuring a buncha tracks by Kites, Sinking Body, Pleasurehorse, Smashed Femur Dance Party, Work/Death and Meerk Puffy.

Prurient/Kevin Drumm
All Are Guests In The House Of The Lord

Hospital Productions HOS-201


CD edition of the very limited cassette collaboration between these two modern masters of extreme electronic architecture. But it’s not the 100 mile head-fuck that the combination of these two names might suggest, with long passages of electronics and hand-drums that almost touch on the endlessly still waters of Popol Vuh circa Affenstunde all cut up with portentous narration and glissing drones. Later tracks combine almost Neu Wave-styled Industrial ritual with peaking Penderecki-esque tone annihilation and the sound of heavy machinery dreaming itself.

The History Of Aids

Hospital Productions HOS-79


Vinyl edition of this classic Prurient side recorded in 2000 and originally released by Armageddon. Still some of Fernow’s most bleakly beautiful work, with the friction between the lyrics (which are based around the love poetry of the Persian Sufi mystic Rumi: Coil used his words to similarly disarming effect on Horse Rotovator) and the massively fucked-up nature of the sonics (contorted vocals, fuzz like boulders, fluxing low end thunder) making for a disturbingly personal vision of body horror, disease and redemption. Every Prurient release feels like a working-through of various Fernow fears/obsessions and The History Of AIDS is the process at its most transparent and skeletal. By turns frightening, upsetting and desperately moving; either way, this is a singular release.

Cold Cave/Prurient
Stars Explode

Hospital Productions HOS-266

12” EP

Limited vinyl edition of the Cold Cave/Prurient collaborative UK tour cassette that came out in an edition of 100 copies in 2009 with the addition of a brand new track. Very different in tone from what either group has done before, Stars Explode presents a series of very beautifully slow-moving drone compositions that have all of the ancient tectonic power of Nijiumu’s Era Of Sad Wings. Heavenly choirs of synth vibrate on the very edge of the horizon while arcs of symphonic underwater keyboards bubble to the surface. The beats break through on the third track, a jack-hammer Suicide-style instrumental before breaking into a final track that combines epic/euphoric drone melodies with macabre F/X-contorted vocals. Aspects of Coil, Klaus Schulze, Walter Wegmuller.... but truly its own thing. A major step outside. Highly recommended.

Cold Cave
Painted Nails

Hospital Productions HOS-226


Single from this much-vaunted cold wave/minimal synth/Industrial electronics group from Philadelphia. The sound here combines the austere synth feel of the European Enfant Terrible label with an extreme approach to sonics that reflects on the endless feedback reveries of UK underground groups like Meat Whiplash, The Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine with three tracks that move from Kraut punk stabs and robotic rhythms through a totally euphoric B-side that brings to mind the eroticised electronics of Pita’s Get Out. Another great release from this group and another excellent sleeve.