Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Sandoz Lab Technicians
Everything’s Fifteen

Celebrate Psi Phenomenon


Archival release of a live performance from 2000 at Robert McDougall Art Gallery in Christchurch New Zealand from the trio of Tim Cornelius, James Kirk and Nathan Thompson. Corpus Hermeticum/Metonymic recording artists Sandoz Lab Technicians’ main conceptual strategy is based around shepherding cavernous pockets of space into flashing, cumulous forms and here they navigate the gulf with melodica, bush sax, reed flute, electric guitars, effects, drums, tin whistle, glockenspiel, violin, autoharp, bass harmonica, bowed cymbal, tapes and keyboards. The muddy, slightly distant quality of the live recording only adds to the dislocated, edge of the world feel.

Sandoz Lab Technicians
Unhemmed As It Is Uneven

Trinder 07


Original 1996 EP from this great New Zealand improv/drone outfit. Long out of print.