Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Kein Mitleid

Die Taubnessel 6 ½

one-sided LP

Private press LP from Arnulf Meifert, the original drummer with Faust (he only appears on the first Faust album), alongside legendary/hysterical German art-brut duo Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer, who you might remember from their amazing Ultra Eczema LP. This one is more obviously directed by Baer and Hjuler than the previous collaboration, with an insane guitar/drums/vox attack that conjures the ghosts of Harry Pussy and Hijokaidan and spikes of almost death/doom styled guitar going up against primitive post-free jazz/hardcore drums and cymbals, torrential wordless vox and the kinda aggressively crude avant garde fury that Airway channelled across the space of their epochal Live At Lace LP. A truly insane and beautifully out real people/avant rock/art side that has few parallels and oughta delight anyone who values energy over form. Edition of only 115 copies in black fold around sleeves with nada for info. Recommended.

Smegma/Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer

Psych.KG HGA-2


Inspired split LP that pairs feral European art soundists Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer with the avant garage surrealism of LAFMS stalwarts Smegma. Numbered edition of 177 copies with colour paste-on sleeves. The Smegma side bundles an eerie track from 1975 with two pieces from 2008/2009 that use loops, electronics and waves of extended muzzy tone to confuse time lines completely. The Kommissar side is less about outlaw sound poetry and more plugged into their destructo rock style as documented by the sides that came out via Alga Marghen last year, with simple two/three note melodies and crunching fuzz submerging one of Mama Baer’s hypnotic nursery rhymes.

Kommissar Hjuler und Frau
Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm

Feeding Tube Records FTR-043


Shop copy, slight tear/ben to cover. Kommissar Hjuler and his Frau, Mama Baer, have single-handedly reinvented sound poetry with a wild performative style that confuses arguments, vocal hysteria, power politics, goof-offs, Zappa covers and generally disobedient art while minting a style of vocal performance that is totally unique. Been looking forward to this particular release for some time, described by the duo as a series of folk tales from the Brothers Grimm re-worked in a way that is “not suitable for children”! But really, I gotta say, this might just be the best thing they have ever recorded, eclipsing even their amazing Ultra Eczema album. Their approach ranges across a bunch of styles. There’s the wild argumentative attack w/Mama weeping and singing while Kommissar shouts and howls in the background, the minimal almost Rev/Vega or even Meredith Monk approach with tense vocal atmospherics over a minimal, repetitive pulse, hypnotic sequences of breath and broken guitars and even some wild post-Junko eviscerations of lung power. In some ways it’s their most ‘musical’ release to date but it’s also completely fucked, especially when Mama Baer starts singing children’s nursery rhymes and blowing folk primitive melodies to shreds with alla the atomic power of the late Donald Ayler. Seriously, an amazing side by two of the freest spirits in the underground. Great sleeve art too, hand-numbered edition of only 200 copies. Another candidate for record of the year! Highly recommended. 

Kommissar Hjuler/Medium Medium

Der Schoene-Hjuler Memorial Fond SHMF-222

Art Edition LP

Limited new split LP with over-the-top handmade artwork, every single copy features an entirely individual piece of art from Hjuler and Mama Baer. Been a bunch of consummately weirdo splits and collaborations from Kommissar and Hjuler of late but this has got to be the most inexplicable, with a side from re-formed UK post-punk/DIY group Normal Normal, who play agit-funk in a kind of relentless Pop Group/The Ex style, coupled with a side of some of Kommissar’s most out vocal ravings. There are snatches of hypnotic spoken word, degraded piano abuse, even some weird keyboard loops that could almost be out-takes from Goblin’s Suspiria soundtrack, all cut-up with domestic ravings and variously abused small instruments. I’ve said it before but no one has re-thunk sound poetry quite so radically as Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baeer. But what were Medium Medium thinking? Is this some kind of weird Trojan Horse move by Hjuler? Will we ever know? Each LP looks amazing too, with over the top original artwork on each, inserts and your own individual number. 

Harappian Night Recordings/Kommissar Hjuler

Shamanic Trance #3


Numbered edition of 300 copies split LP: Harappian Night Recordings contribute some mutant psych/jazz/fourth world rock that somehow confuses 70s Miles with primitive folk ritual and the aesthetics of the free-from freakout as practiced by The Familiar Ugly, NNCK et al. On the flip Hjuler’s idiosyncratic reading of Hugo Ball’s Karawane poem highlights common cause with the Dada concept of ‘meaningless’ sound using vocals, F/X and junk percussion in a series of songs about nada. Excellent. Paste-on sleeves with insert on coloured vinyl. 

Kommissar Hjuler/Mama Baer/Ninni Morgia/Silvia Kastel
Live In Edinburgh

Ricerca Sonora RS-4


It’s no secret that at VT we dug the hell out of the live hook-up between German art terrorists Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer and Italian actionists Ninni Morgia and Silvia Kastel when they blazed a trail across the UK back in 2011. Well, here’s another document from that amazing run of shows and it’s a doozy. Live In Edinburgh comes over like an unreleased Industrial ritual brainstormed by Lisa Suckdog, with a wild exuberant atmosphere and plenty of cracked vocal disobedience. Mama takes the lead here, mis-remembering and variously dismembering pop and rock effluvia, joined by Kastel and Kommissar at points, the latter of whom barks comments and instructions via a microphone attached to a cheap keyboard. The music is feral free improvisation w/nada in terms of sophistication, just tearing guts and circuitry from various electronics while massed vocals build to peaks of mutual hysteria. Exuberant, funny, challenging and curiously life-affirming, this is another blat of whu from a buncha thinkers who don’t. Edition of only 180 copies, highly recommended!