Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Frederik Croene & Timo Van Luijk
Voile Au Vent

La Scie Doree Scie-709


Edition of 400 copies LP from this duo featuring Timo Van Luijk of Af Ursin and collaborator with Christoph Heemann, NNCK et al. Voile Au Vent presents a series of piano improvisations embedded in dark, symphonic instrumental settings. Some of the most purely malevolent sounds to be associated with Luijk, aspects of Voile Au Vent almost sound like Coil circa “Dark River” with looming electronics providing an eerie backdrop to the broken bones of a piano. Later tracks bring in cut-up sound sources, shadowy samples and smears of Andrew Chalk-style drone to give the feel of Gavin Bryars’ Sinking Of The Titanic re-scored for one of Joe Jones’ automatic orchestras. Recommended.

Timo van Luijk and Kris Vanderstraeten
High Noon

La Scie Doree #305


Latest release from Tim van Luijk (In Camera, Af Ursin et al) is another beautifully packaged blat of bewitching low-level drone/improvisation, this time in the company of long-term collaborator Kris Vanderstraeten. Mostly acoustic, with a heavy percussive element, High Noon touches on a similar kind of tactile low-level free interaction as practiced by Imai-era East Bionic Symphonia, walking the line between more established modes of improvised/psychedelic thought with a rigour and a commitment to the beauty of unadorned form that is truly uncommon. There are repeat-vocal sounds that resemble hypnotised ascetics floating high above the north pole, half-heard nursery rhyme melodies ala Af Ursin and the kind of complex timbral constructs that please the inner eye as much as the outer ear. Totally beautiful, edition of 250 copies on white vinyl with a silkscreened cover by Vanderstraeten and highly recommended.

In Camera

Dom BW 08


First in a series of inexplicable classic rock tributes from the duo of Christoph Heemann (HNAS/Mirror et al) and Timo Van Luijk (Eloide/Af Ursin) on Heemann’s newly activated DOM BW imprint: Heemann remains one of the premier European drone thinkers, with a feel for space and place and for the precise workings of memory and tone that is truly singular. Timo’s work in Af Ursin has seen him move towards a synthesis of improvised music, avant classical drones and filmic soundworks and this beautiful record successfully blends those concerns with a slowly-unravelling setting for heavenly drone works and small instrument interventions. There are aspects of the more ‘fantastical’ Organum settings, even Nurse With Wound’s Soliloquy For Lilith, but with a darker European ancient/future feel. Beneath the enveloping drone odd, nagging melodies appear, like vague memories or barely construed shadows, giving the whole piece the feel of a reverie or a fever dream. Classic drone under the guise of classic rock – highly recommended!

In Camera
Frampton Comes Alive

La Scie Doree Scie-1012


Second in a series of inexplicable classic rock tributes from the duo of Christoph Heemann (HNAS/Mirror et al) and Timo Van Luijk (Eloide/Af Ursin) on Van Luijk’s own La Scie Doree imprint: a little more, uh, ‘rock inflected’ than Rumours, Frampton Comes Alive consists of a series of movements that confuse stasis and development, with minimal/modal keyboard works that are somewhere between the evocative ritual of Hermann Nitsch and the whole ‘Canterbury’ sound, combining aspects of progressive rock with devotional drone works. As ever Heemann’s use of sunken field recordings makes the recording feel more like an environment you can actually explore than simply a piece of unfolding music and at points the effect is uncannily affecting, with the music dissolving like the sudden absence of colour into stately black and white snapshots of the sound of yesterday, somewhere.  When the music picks up again it’s like its sounding a memorial for what came before, riding into the sun with some beautifully evocative and forlorn piano statements. A major work, one that combines diary, monumental sound work, free improvisation and subtle poetics. Highly recommended. 

Ferial Confine
The Full Use Of Nothing

Siren 021


Necessary deluxe CD upgrade for one of the key founding documents of the UK underground: Ferial Confine was the early solo project of Andrew Chalk, who at the time had connections to fellow avant travellers like Ramleh/Broken Flag and The New Blockaders. The Full Use Of Nothing was originally released on cassette by Chalk in the mid-80s and later briefly issued on vinyl. It parallels the early TNB recordings in its use of all electro/acoustic soundings, primarily metal and even the sound of cupboard doors banging in Chalk’s parents’ house while long-term collaborator Darren Tate appears on bowed autoharp (indeed Tate also gave the album its title).
The sound is sensual, textural free noise but with none of the harshness associated with TN, Ramleh or Whitehouse at al. At points the crawling/bubbling tectonics border on a form of metallic eroticism, cushioned by the kind of distant soft drones that Andrew would later amplify and expand on in his solo work. There are sections of forlorn classical piano bisected with dizzying laminal drones that give the music an undeniable feeling of haunted nostalgia, making for some of the most striking – and strikingly melancholy – UK noise music of the age. Very hard to extrapolate from the ‘base’ materials and process involved in its creation to the grandeur and complexity of its final form but this new edition sounds better than ever, allowing you to dive deep into the complex contours of this radical set of DIY compositional beauty. Long a secret influence on the whole of the UK underground, parts of this recording were later plundered by The New Blockaders on 1995’s TNB Est Mort! Comes in a gorgeous hard card slipcase with Japanese obi strip. Highly recommended!


Ondemusic 0003


Edition of 500 copies LP from this post-Noise Makers Fifes trio featuring Timo Van Luijk, Greg Jacobs and Marc Wroblewski. Onde play minimal electric psych inspired by tidal waves, using violin, electric guitar and metals to construct monolithic single chord drones that take off on the experiments in elemental form of The Velvet Underground circa “Ocean” and the Faust/Tony Conrad Outside The Dream Syndicate recordings. Something in the marriage of metronomic guitar jags combined with mile-deep violin treatments and the klang of metal on metal brings the heavier Family Underground material to mind, but this has a dark majesty all its own. Comes in a gatefold sleeve. Recommended.