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Mark Sadgrove/Anthony Guerra
Iron Sand

Black Petal/A Binary Datum /


“Mark Sadgrove and Anthony Guerra are a pair of Australasian transplants currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Iron Sand is a series of electric guitar duets illuminated with harp, electronics, vocals and acoustic strings. Both players work minimal repeating shapes into nagging, emotionally insistent cells of smudged tone that re-visit the same territories again and again, as if to force a gentle confession of significance from the same two or three staggered notes. And it works. There’s something of Loren Connors’ foggy, late night style to the sound of the guitars, with washes of silver strings and solitary single notes left suspended in space. But whereas Connors uses variously amplified techniques in order to access the kind of highly-articulate zone where music and speech blur into one, Sadgrove and Guerra opt for re-statements of the most simplistic musical phonetics in order to access hypnagogic states. This is a magical, delicate recording, where minimal guitar lines interact with roaring analogue silence to create a music that somehow manages to combine stark, auraless playing with a deep, psychedelic atmosphere.” – David Keenan/The Wire.

Giant Squid

Dungeon Taxis #24


Great duo set from two ex-pat New Zealanders Mark Sadgrove and Mark Anderson: this is a killer, with a euphoric garage/pop edge that could almost be the album Peter Jefferies never made with daily Dance’s Doug Snyder and Bob Thompson. Drums and guitar w/a hazy DIY recording style play thunderous full-on melodic implosion while out-of-focus vocals leer all the way over the top and Jandek cuts the most power-punking side of his career. This would’ve sounded great on Xpressway back in the day. As it is this is a beautiful out of time shot of primitive basement rock glee. Recommended.