Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

The Friday Group
Who Wants To Look At A Bunch Of Broken Pottery When You Can Haul Ass Down The Freeway

Wholly Other No Cat

One-Sided Picture Disc LP

All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. Read more about the appeal here: http://www.volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal

Edition of 214 one-sided LP with blood red silkscreened flip. Looped and live collaged ritual atmospherics and crude guitar/drum psych stand-offs that orbit a similar zone to early NNCK from a group that feature Tom Carter of Charalambides, Shawn McMillen (Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast), Brian Smith (Iron Kite et al) and Blake Carlisle. Less drone-focussed than previous releases and deeper into a kind of savant ESP Disk Godz/Fugs séance style.


Beta-lactam Ring Records BLURR-2002


2002 10" from the world beating Charalambides trio of Tom and Christina Carter and Heather Leigh. Two beautiful improvisations that float electric string violence into barren desert territories. Hand-numbered edition of 500 copies. OOP.

Various Artists
In Support Of Tom Carter

Was Ist Das?/Hibernate Recordings No Cat


All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. Read more about the appeal here: http://www.volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal

Limited benefit CD-R arranged by the Hebden Bridge squad in less than 24 hours after Charalambides were forced to cancel their show there due to Tom Carter’s sudden illness, all proceeds going directly to Tom: tracks from Ashtray Navigations, Neil Campbell, Spider Stacey, Dylan Nyoukis, Bridget Hayden, Astral Social Club, Rick Tomlinson, Konntinent, High Aura’d, Listening Mirror, Will Bolton, Isnaj Dui, Kyle Bobby Dunn, The Failed NASA Experiment and Caught In The Wake Forever. 

Eleven Twenty-Nine
In The Sunlight

Drawing Room Records DR-00002


All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. Read more about the appeal here: http://www.volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal

Excellent new jukebox 7” from the duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand Of The Man), here joined by Betsy Nichols (Michael Hurley) on vocals and Michael Evans on drums for a full-band sound: very different in tone and attack from their Northern Spy LP, this is fantastic set of vaguely country-tinged hunch and European psychedelic volk. The a side is a gorgeous composition by Tom with his and Betsy’s vocals intertwining with alla the beauty of Gila’s classic Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee before Tom makes with a wild psychedelic fuzz solo. Orleans’ track on the flip has a fantastic sepia-toned early SF feel that’s somewhere between the original Charlatans, the International Submarine Band and early Dead. Totally great. More please!

Stories For Owls

Free Porcupine Society FPS-012


All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. Read more about the appeal here: http://www.volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal


Original CD edition of this 2005 release from Badgerlore that saw them operating as a quartet featuring Tom Carter of Charalambides, Ben Chasny of Six Organs Of Admittance, Pete Swanson of Yellow Swans and Rob Fisk of 7 Year Rabbit Cycle. Tracks move from the kind of staggered blues/bliss ragas originally formulated by Charalambides through all-vocal murk ala Skaters/Gyuto Monks.

Eleven Twenty-Nine
A Tithe To Hell

Drawing Room Records No Cat


Massively heavy Satanic downer psych vibes on this 2014 album from Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand Of The Man) now an avant/country/rock trio bolstered by Michael Evans on drums: if you’ve caught any of the recent solo blats from Tom Carter since his return to health and playing live then you’ll know that that these days his guitar is fully set to shred and this is a stunning document of two string-thinkers working with maximal freedom and organic rhythms. Tracks marries Orleans great fingerpicking style – which comes from a similar place to Glenn Jones – to Tom’s wild west coast style. Later tracks explode the blueprint even further, marring a 90s underground feel for squeal with an immolating post-Sonny Sharrock aesthetic and a ton of thud and electricity.

Heather Leigh
Jailhouse Rock

Not Not Fun NNF-153


Deluxe vinyl edition of this classic solo album from Heather Leigh (Jailbreak/Scorces/Jandek et al) originally released in a tiny edition on cassette by Fag Tapes. Two fully-extended high metal masses for amplified pedal steel and vocals that blow all notions of form, fidelity and frilly fucking folk-picking fops to the kinda sweet metallic ribbons previously worn as crowns by Keiji Haino, Jojo Hiroshige and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. Very different in tone and attack from the recent Jailbreak LP, Jailhouse Rock has a more amorphous sound, with muzzy smears of guitar caked in NZ-style fuzz and clouds of high string tone that conjure the miasmic electronics of Maurizio Bianchi. One of Heather’s most blasted sides with all-new nuts artwork by Heath Moreland. “Jailhouse Rock is in fact a wax reissue of a long OOP 2006 cassette classic on Michigan crud factory Fag Tapes. It was a fave of ours that year (and every year), so it feels extra celebratory to be able to offer up a freshly remastered (by Pete Swanson) LP edition of the album for global re-appreciation. Sprawling, long-form descents/ascents into mythic electric disorientation, powered by her trademark recipe of FX-soaked pedal steel and voice. Jailhouse feels loosely more aligned with a mid-aughts drone/noise aesthetic than the outsider dirt road Americana of her Devil If You Can Hear Me LP (also on NNF), but the distinction is a slight one. Side A swims in swooping sheets of vox and tempestuous wind tunnel dynamics before slowly dying away to wheezing disembodied harmonica. The B piece begins in a more overtly beautiful mode, a trinity of crystalline notes picked and stretched until they’re transformed into a rapturous sky of textural distortion. Sensual and vertigo-inducing in equal measure. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with brand new paint/collage artwork by Heath Moerland (of Sick Llama, Slither, Odd Clouds, etc). Edition of 400.” – NNF. Highly recommended!

Christina Carter
Four Woman’s Quartet (Rose, Lilac, Mauve, Blue)

Wist Rec. Wistbook-011

3” CD-R + Book

Stunning edition of only 100 copies psych bomb from Christina Carter of Scorces/Charalambides et al: part of Wist Recs Book Report Series, the CD is bundled with an original Penguin Classic that has inspired the work, in this case Jean Rhys’s La Grosse Fifi, with a wraparound printed mylar dust jacket on the cover of the paperback and the disc mounted on the inside back page. This is as close to her work with Scorces that her solo jams have ever come, with some savagely beautiful single note guitar violence bisected by delirious overdubs of twin vocal bliss. Less of the spectral/forlorn slow blues style of some of the Many Breaths releases, this is a triumphal navigation of acid guitar and vocal hysteria, coming over like Patty Waters jams Rudolph Grey in Atlantis. One of Christina’s wildest and most grab-you-by-the-throat gorgeous releases, beautifully presented and very highly recommended!

Christina Carter
Character Study

Drawing Room Records No Cat

LP + Chapbook

Stunning new conceptual work, long time in the making, from spectral songwriter/guitarist Christina Carter of Charalambides: accompanied by a chapbook that crosses poetic musings with interrogative enquiry, Character Study puts the soul of the 21st century artist on trial across two side long meditations for electric slide guitar, tambourine, bells and dark, miles deep F/X. Hypnotically subdued, with an uncanny feel of being directed, Carter power moans and shivers her way through two ghostly blues madrigals that pin your heart to the floor, transposing the ‘weight’ of Patty Waters College Tour to the kind of parched soul terrain of a Jandek or even a Skip Spence. Stunning, late night soul poetry, highly recommended. 

Spiderwebs/Mike Tamburo and Matthew McDowell/Keenan Lawler
Strands Formerly Braided

Music Fellowship MF-015


New split CD from these three avant-folk units, with the Spiderwebs duo of Tom Carter and Sandy Ewen casting shadows of sculpted E-bow, Mike Tamburo and Matthew McDowell navigate electric-acoustic space and the always-killing Keenan Lawler plays hypnotic steel string Americana beamed straight from his own personal universe.