Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

The Friday Group
Who Wants To Look At A Bunch Of Broken Pottery When You Can Haul Ass Down The Freeway

Wholly Other No Cat

One-Sided Picture Disc LP

All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. Read more about the appeal here: http://www.volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal

Edition of 214 one-sided LP with blood red silkscreened flip. Looped and live collaged ritual atmospherics and crude guitar/drum psych stand-offs that orbit a similar zone to early NNCK from a group that feature Tom Carter of Charalambides, Shawn McMillen (Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast), Brian Smith (Iron Kite et al) and Blake Carlisle. Less drone-focussed than previous releases and deeper into a kind of savant ESP Disk Godz/Fugs séance style.

Eleven Twenty-Nine

Northern Spy NSLP-007


Duo project from Tom Carter of Charalambides and Marc Orleans of Sunburned Hand Of The Man. If you’ve caught any of the recent solo blats from Tom Carter since his relocation to NYC then you’ll know that that these days his guitar is fully set to shred and this is a stunning document of two string-thinkers working with maximal freedom and organic rhythms. The opening “Eyes Of Jewels, Mirrored Bodies” marries Orleans great fingerpicking style – which comes from a similar place to Glenn Jones – to Tom’s wild west coast style. Later tracks explode the blueprint even further, marring a 90s underground feel for squeal with an immolating post-Sonny Sharrock aesthetic. Easily one of the wildest sides either of these guys have cut. 150g vinyl with download. 

Various Artists
In Support Of Tom Carter

Was Ist Das?/Hibernate Recordings No Cat


All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. Read more about the appeal here: http://www.volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal

Limited benefit CD-R arranged by the Hebden Bridge squad in less than 24 hours after Charalambides were forced to cancel their show there due to Tom Carter’s sudden illness, all proceeds going directly to Tom: tracks from Ashtray Navigations, Neil Campbell, Spider Stacey, Dylan Nyoukis, Bridget Hayden, Astral Social Club, Rick Tomlinson, Konntinent, High Aura’d, Listening Mirror, Will Bolton, Isnaj Dui, Kyle Bobby Dunn, The Failed NASA Experiment and Caught In The Wake Forever. 

No Cat

Heavy Other/Wholly Blossom /


Long OOP full-length CD-R, the follow-up to their fantastically damaged LP on Eclipse: No Cat features the duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards/Hototogisu/GHQ/Zaimph et al) across three dilated tracks recorded and released to tie-in with their US west coast tour. Carter guides slow trumpets of E-bow from the cup of his pick-ups while Bassett guides an ever-haemorrhaging railroad of F/X into huge dissolves of sound. Less about notes and more about spectral wow than their Eclipse LP, this one builds into a blitz of lung action, with the last track touching on epic Hototogisu-scale silver metal. Limited edition of only 200 copies, all with individually lino-printed sleeves, co-released by Wholly Other and Heavy Blossom.

Eleven Twenty-Nine
In The Sunlight

Drawing Room Records DR-00002


All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. Read more about the appeal here: http://www.volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal

Excellent new jukebox 7” from the duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand Of The Man), here joined by Betsy Nichols (Michael Hurley) on vocals and Michael Evans on drums for a full-band sound: very different in tone and attack from their Northern Spy LP, this is fantastic set of vaguely country-tinged hunch and European psychedelic volk. The a side is a gorgeous composition by Tom with his and Betsy’s vocals intertwining with alla the beauty of Gila’s classic Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee before Tom makes with a wild psychedelic fuzz solo. Orleans’ track on the flip has a fantastic sepia-toned early SF feel that’s somewhere between the original Charlatans, the International Submarine Band and early Dead. Totally great. More please!

Stories For Owls

Free Porcupine Society FPS-012


All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. Read more about the appeal here: http://www.volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal


Original CD edition of this 2005 release from Badgerlore that saw them operating as a quartet featuring Tom Carter of Charalambides, Ben Chasny of Six Organs Of Admittance, Pete Swanson of Yellow Swans and Rob Fisk of 7 Year Rabbit Cycle. Tracks move from the kind of staggered blues/bliss ragas originally formulated by Charalambides through all-vocal murk ala Skaters/Gyuto Monks.

Sarin Smoke

Mie Music MIE-013


New duo album from Tom Carter of Charalambides and Pete Swanson of Yellow Swans et al: this is a great melding of the two’s respective styles. Tom is sounding more and more like Sonny Sharrock circa Last Exit or even Tisziji Munoz these days, with a testifying melodic style that trades fuzz for feeling and here he tears through some iconoclastic melodies that scrape the lining off the goddamn sky over chugging shots of electricity. Swanson’s more into the kinda chord solos and devouring wah gravity that would trade Tokyo-isms for Dunedin-isms, and he combines fuzz-choked repeat chords that are straight out of the Lou Reed fakebook with spidery, single note ascensions and chugging infinite-repeat punk. All proceeds from the sale of Vent go towards the Tom Carter recovery fund. 

Gate/Tom Carter

Carbon Records CR-208


Killer US tour split 7” from Tom Carter of Charalambides and Gate aka Michael Morley of The Dead C in a hand-numbered edition of 313 copies: Tom’s side is a beauty, with an alternately triumphal/melancholy electric guitar march that weaves post-Sharrock steel string logic into webs of dissolving tone joy that are then Eno-ised for maximum bliss potential. The Gate side is phenomenally heavy, with Morley playing gravity-mashing sludge power chords in a Blue Cheer-play-Outside feel but with a whip-cracking drum machine ploughing through the spectra-thick fuzz. When Morley’s classic narcoleptic vocals drool all over the top the accumulative effect is reality dissolving. No one can sing the edge of the world blues like Michael Morley. In two colour silkscreened Stumptown kraft sleeves with a free download, highly recommended.