2008 Charts


Harry Pussy - You'll Never Play This Town Again CD
James Ferraro - Marble Surf CDR
James Ferraro - Multitopia LP
Rusted Shut - Hot Sex LP
The Bachs - Out Of The Bachs LP
Cold Sun - Dark Shadows LP
Crystal Stilts - Alight At Night LP
Christina Carter - Masque Femine CDR
Brainbombs - Fucking Mess LP
Fabulous Diamonds - s/t LP
Puke Eaters - Hello Valhalla LP
Ilyas Ahmed - The Vertigo Of Dawn LP
Joshua Burkett - Where's My Hat LP
Woods - Woods Family Creeps LP
Debris- Static Disposal LP
Burning Star Core - Challenger LP
Dead C 2xLP reissues
Dead C - Secret Earth LP
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Bataille de Battle CD
Shizuka - Live CD
The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace LP
Gary War - New Raytheonport LP
Iro - Tamafuri CD
Arthur Doyle Trio - Live At The Alterknit LP
Tommy Jay- Tommy Jay’s Tall Tales of Trauma LP
XXperiments Comp LP (particularly the Zola Jesus track)
Kito Mizukumi Rouber - Boseki Ni Tatazumu CD
Skullflower - Taste The Blood Of The Deceiver LP
D.R. Hooker LP
Tunnel Canary - Jihad 1978-1984 2xLP
The Rats LP
The Skaters - Physicalities Of The Sensibilities Of Ingrediential Strairways LP
Sun City Girls - You’re Never Alone With A Cigarette CD
Circuit Des Yeux - Symphone LP
The Clean - Compilation LP
Harry Pussy - Live in Austin, TX CDR
Hobo Sonn - The Thundering Nature Of Reality LP


best frozen video`s of 2008

1.DiGiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni/euro disney hanna montana flavored pringles : ``stop!or my mom will shot``
2.papa louie`s after lenny kravits concert: SURVIVOR streets of las vagas edition/CSI LAS VEGAS/ALIEN NATION:DARK HORIZONS
3.Tombstone Original Extra Cheese:left behind series/intro to second life/wall e
4.Tony's Super Rise Crust Pepperoni:CYBER COP/CLASS OF 1999/Renagade
6.Red Baron Bake-to-Rise Pepperoni:demon wind/976-EVIL/monkey boy
7.Jeno's Crisp 'N Tasty:ID4/EARTH 2/CLIFF HANGER/ALIVE
8.Amy's Cheese Pizza:BARETTA`S ISLAND/encino man/JUNIOR
9.homebaked eddies sourdough stuffed crust:THE MASK/generals daughter/touched by an angel season 2

Charles Berlitz's Top Ten Hangover Classics of 2028

My Uncle the Alien
All Coconuts Go to Heaven
The Peeping Camel
The Academy Awards, Year 1992
According To Spencer
Earth Minus Zero
White Water Summer

-Honorable Mentions-
all the university kids and office workers who find their courage on the internet bloggs and not in the bottle!?!?!?


Current 93 - Birth Canal Blues
Fursaxa - Kobold Moon
Inca Ore - Birthday Of Bless You
Islaja - Blaze Mountain Recordings
Jandek - Glasgow Sunday 2005
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Carving Ones Void
Pentemple - O))) Presents
Pocahaunted - Island Diamonds
Scorces - I Turn Into You
Spiritualized - Songs In A&E
Kazuki Tomokawa - Blue Water, Red Water
Vajra - Live


James Ferraro - marble surf
Silver Pearl - silver pearl
Mark McGuire - let us be the way we were
Jandek - Glasgow Sunday
Teiji Ito - music for Maya
Robert Martin - the long goodbye
Terry Riley - last camel in Paris
Emeralds - solar bridge
Shizuka - live: traditional aesthetics
Burning Star Core - challenger
Vodka Soap - shee-ro gateway temples

And pretty much everything else that James ferraro and Spencer Clarke produced. Also Gary war, Harry pussy, John Elliott’s solo stuff, the Bachs' lp, Vajra, Aural fit 2, Fursaxa's kobold moon and the U.S girls releases were all amazing!

Live highlights included hototogisu@corsica, jandek@the nave, corsano/flower/heyner trio@oto, skaters and axolotl@oto, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, colour out of space festival, gastric female reflex@NOG, magik markers and family battle snake@NOG, approximately infinite universe@ICA, vodka soap@caroline of Brunswick, jack rose@the windmill, kan mikami@oto, pissed jeans@old blue last, Leslie keffer, stellar om source, pigs in the ground@NOG, Vivian girls@the Macbeth and flower/corsano duo at st Giles in the fields.


1. jacob kirkegaard - labyrinthitis - touch
2. moon&mama (pikachu) cdr - moon light recordings
3. evan lousion cdr - the one with black writing.
4. crystal stilts - alight of night - slumberland records
5. part wild horses mane on both sides - bataille or battle - singing knives
6. wild gunmen cdr - volumes 1/2 and 3 - mad monk
7. jason khan and asher thal-nir - vista - and/oar
8. christina carter - original darkness - kranky
9. portishead - third - island
10. skaters - various solo projects.


1. kath bloom / loren connors - sand in my shoe - chapter music
2. shizuku - live/tradition aesthetics - psf.
3. iro - tamafuri - psf
4. ego summit - the room isn't big enough - old 3c records
5. malvina reynolds - sings the truth - omni recording


Gimme Some Cocaine in 2008:

1. The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace
2. Thurston Moore - Blindfold
3. Charlemagne Palestine - Voice Studies
4. Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 1
5. Dylan Nyoukis & Jaap Blonk - Dubbletwee
6. William S. Burroughs - Real English Tea Made Here
7. Emeralds - Solar Bridge
8. V/A - De Nagalm Op de Kopf
9. John Butcher - Resonant Spaces
10. Karen Constance/Smack Music 7 - 2 For A Horse
11. Bulbs - Infirmary of Dream
12. Paul Flaherty & Randall Colborne - Bridge Out!
13. James Ferraro - Marble Surf
14. Yoshi Wada - The Appointed Cloud
15. Mario Bertoncini - Arpe Eolie 16. Kemialliset Ystävät - Harmaa Laguuni
17. Mark McGuire - Old Hag's Cackle II
18. Rafael Toral - Space Elements Vol. 1
19. Baudouin Oosterlynck - 1975-1978
20. Lily Greenham - Lingual Music
21. Moha! - One-Way Ticket to Candyland
22. Burning Star Core - Challenger
23. Joe Maneri & Peter Dolger - Peace Concert
24. The Flaming Lips - Once Beyond Hopelessness (Christmas On Mars OST)

Honorable Mentions:
1. Touch 7" Series
2. Flipper Reissues
3. Jooklo Duo/Peaking Lights show at Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC
4. Mark McGuire's prolific stream of releases
5. All things on the Ultra Eczema label, as well as Dennis Tyfus's radio show on Radio Centraal
6. The reissue of "No Pussyfooting" by Robert Fripp & Brian Eno 7. Buddha Machine V2.0


Top 16 2008
In no particular order

Joshua Burkett - Where's My Hat CD
Kito Mizukumi Rouber - Boseki Ni Tatazumu CD
Emeralds - Solar Bridge CD
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Bataille de Battle CD
Christina Carter - Texas Working Blues Cassette
Skullflower - Circulus Vitiosus Deus 3xCD box
Dead C - Secret Earth LP
Sic Alps - US EZ LP
Scorces - I Turn Into You 2xLP
Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace LP
Magik Markers - Gucci Rapidshare Download CD
Spectre Folk - Golden Gooj CD-R
Harvey Milk - Life.... The Best Game In Town CD
Shizuka - Live/Traditional Aesthetics CD
Burning Star Core - Challenger CD
Hototogisu - Pale Fatal Sister 2xLP

Top 10 Reissues
In no particular order except the first one

Harry Pussy - You'll Never Play This Town Again CD
Dead C - DR503/The Sun Stabbed LP/EP
Dead C - Eusa Kills/Helen Said This LP/EP
Debris - Static Disposal LP
Menstruation Sisters - MA LP
Ego Summit - The Room Isn't Big Enough CD
D.R. Hooker - The Truth LP
Burning Witch - Crippled Lucifer 2xCD
Beauregarde - s/t LP
Sun City Girls - You're Never Alone With A Cigarette CD

Top 10 That Didn't Come Out In 08 That I Caught Up With In 08
In no particular order

Monoshock - Walk To The Fire CD
Cheater Slicks - Walk To The Sea LP
Cheater Slicks - Yer Last Record LP
Charalambides - Houston CD
Frank Lowe - Black Beings CD
Albert Ayler - Holy Ghost 9xCD box
Cobalt - Eater Of Birds CD
Mayhem - De Mysteris Dom Sathanis
Fraction - Moonblood CD
Richard Youngs/Matthew Bower - Relayer CD

Top 10 Other Things
In no particular order

Punk House HC by Abby Banks edited by Thurston Moore
Gary Panter slipcased hardcover set
Thoreau At Walden HC by John Porcellino
True Norwegian Black Metal HC by Peter Beste edited by Johan Kugelberg
No Wave HC by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley
Tad - Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears DVD
Ganges #2 by Kevin Huizenga
Best Of LCD: The Art and Writing of WFMU edited by Dave The Spazz
Finally tracking down a copy of The Decline Of Western Civilisation part 2: The Metal Years
The episode of CSI: Miami where Horatio is deported to Brazil and has to fight his way out of the country armed only with a pistol! Best first 5 minutes of anything ever! No, really!


Skullflower - Circulus Vitiosus Deus
Acid Mothers Temple - Recurring Dream and Apocalypse of Darkness
Spectre Folk - Golden Gooj
Andrew Paine – Third Day of Ragg
Richard Youngs - Nerston Surface / First Voice to Air
Magik Markers - Pwtre Ser
Jandek - Glasgow Sunday
Scorces – I Turn Into You
Plastic Crimewave Sound - S/T
Hush Arbors - S/T

PASCAL HECTOR (meudiademorte / datashock)

No Neck Blues Band "Clomeim" (locust)
Nautilus " Assateague " Cdr (vanishing voice)
Uton "Straight Edge XXS" Lp (dekorder)
Hevoset "S/T" Lp (dekorder)
Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo - From Tapes & Throats LP (giant tank)
Way Of the Cross - Mind of the Dolphine lp (soundatone)
Ducktails - 7" (breaking the worlds)
Religious Knives - The Door cd (ectstatic peace)
Diamond Lemonade "Ghost Light Blanket" Cs (Imvated)
Eric Copeland - Alien In A Garbage Dump 12" (paw tracks)


hans krusi lp
benjamin franklin 7"
black pus cd
nocturnal emissions box on vod
bromp treb 7"
reijo pami cdr on choco monk
bill nace tape on open mouth
building transmissions; both their acordion and percussion lp's
blood stereo: magenetic headache cd
kito mizukumi rouber cd
hair police cd on no fun
tommy jay cd


Top 6 new releases

Skullflower "Circulus Vitiosus Deus"
Necrofrost "Blackeon Lightharvest"
Richard Youngs "Nerston Service / First Voice to Earth"
Vordr "III"
Fursaxa "Kobold Moon"
Jandek "The Myth of Blue Icicles"

Top 6 reissues

V/A "Jewelled Antler Library"
Luror "The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror"
Meic Stevens "Gwymon"
Peste Noire "La Sanie des siecles - Panegyrique de la degenerescence"
Masonna "Ultimate Collection 2 : Shinsen Na Clitoris + Tripsy Sunshine"
Ilyas Ahmed "Between Two Skies & Towards the Night"

Top 6 smug auction 'wins'

Keiji Haino / Fushitsusha / Lost Aaraaff "Soul's True Love" 4 x CD box (holy grail!!)
Nature & Organisation "Third Terminal Position" cassette
Mirag "Witch Queen Ascending" CD-R
Mutiilation "Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)"
Sunroof! / Richard Youngs / Vibracathedral Orchestra "Freak On!" CD-R
Dead Raven Choir "Sleep Well, Red Wolves" CD-R (though I'm not so smug now- the disc is rotting...)

R.I.P. Yasushi Ozawa, Rick Wright, Mitch Mitchell and Davy Graham


sanja 'musen / is'
valet 'naked acid'
gazheart lp
neil young 'sugar mountain-live at the cantebury house 1968'
angst has pfeffer nase 'glistening inn'
gene clark 'gene clark with the gosdin brothers'
the dead c 'secret earth'
fursaxa 'kobald moon'
sun city girls 'you're never alone with a cigarette'
grouper/inca ore split lp

DANIEL LOPATIN (infinity window/oneohtrix point never)

Lambkin/Lescallet - The Breadwinner
Marcel Türkowsky - What Burns Always Returns
Steve Hauschildt - The Summit
Brendan Murray - Commonwealth
James Ferraro - K2 - Chameleon Ballet
Tlasila - Merely Resurrected
Flower Man - ?? ???? ??? ??? ????
Prurient - Cocaine Death
Treetops - Permission / When I Was Younger
Grouper - Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill
DJ Screw 96-98 Live Mixtapes


OF - rocks will open/morphological echo -
HEAT WILSON - new pussy -
US GIRLS - gravel days + s/t + silkscreened poster
INFINITY WINDOW + ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER - transfat + split with AXOLOTL/transmat memories + betrayed in the octagon
BLOOD STEREO - magnetic headache -
JAMES FERRARO - last american hero -
RUSTED SHUT - godstrike -

ALEXANDER ROSS - the grandfather paradox -
JOSEPH HAMMER - dynasty suites -
MASTA ACE - top ten list -

r.i.p - EARL PALMER - honoury mention - DAVID AXELROD - a divine image - E.Palmer & Carol Kaye - the heaviest rhythm !


Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna

The Goslings - Occasion
Indian Jewelry - Free Gold
Wold - Stratification
Portal - Outre
The Howling Hex - Earth Junk
RTX - JJ Got Live RaTX
Silver Jews - Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
Crystal Castles - s/t
D Charles Speer & The Helix - After Hours
Naked On The Vague - The Blood Pressure Sessions
Burial Hex - all
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - all
The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace
TK Webb & The Visions - Ancestor
VizUSA - s/t
Sic Alps - all
Jerusalem & the Starbaskets - The Howling

Too many crucial reissues to name but the Life Is A Problem comp, Rats LP, (Mississippi Records in general - wow!) and The Bachs LP were all in constant rotation during the latter part of this year.

Movies: none
Books: Survivor, Mr Tambourine Man, The Lives of Rocks, Standing In Two Circles
TV: Jeopardy!, Friday Night Lights, Pinks
Live gigs: D Charles Speer / Cherry Blossoms/ Tyler Family Band in Nashville, Silver Jews everywhere, Black Diamond Heavies in Nashville
Echinoderm: Sand Dollar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sand_dollar)


Solar Bridge - Emeralds (Hanson)
Live - Emeralds (Gneiss Things)
Let us be the way we were - Mark McGuire (Wagon)
Marble Surf - James Ferraro (New Age Tapes)
Bataille De Battle - Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides (Singing Knives)
Zomes - S/T (Holy Mountain)
2nd Original Silence - Original Silence (Smalltown Superjazz)
Rapt for Liquid Minister - Steve Hauschildt (Arbor)
Nude with Boots - Melvins (Ipecac)
Domkirke - Sunn O))) (Southern Lord)

PETER TAYLOR (Foxy Digitalis Writer)

Ignatz - III (K-RAA-K)
Directing Hand - What Put The Blood (Dancing Wayang)
Dredd Foole - Kissing the Contemporary Bliss (Family Vinyard)
Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand - S/T (Digitalis)
James Ferraro - Marble Surf (New Age)
Nackt Insecten - Futuristic Egyptian Space Temple (Gold Soundz)
Hauschka - Ferndorf (Fat Cat)
Stephanie Hladowski - The High High Nest (Singing Knives)
Bardo Pond - Batholith (Three Lobed)
Diatribes with Dragos Tara & Piero SK - L'instant d'après (Insubordinations)


1. Max Müller – Die Nostalgie ist auch nicht mehr das was sie mal war (CD, Angelika Köhlermann)
2. James Blackshaw – Litany Of Echoes (CD, Tompkins Square)
3. Grouper – Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill (LP, Type)
4. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Dolores (CD, PIAS)
5. Brethren Of The Free Spirit – The Wolf Shall Also Dwell With The Lamb (CD, Important)
6. Loren Connors – The Moon Last Night (LP, Family Vineyard)
7. Tom Carter/Christian Kiefer – The Great American Songbook (CD, Preservation)
8. Jozef van Wissem – A Priori (CD, Incunabulum)
9. David Grubbs – An Optimist Notes The Dusk (LP, Drag City)
10. Ignatz – III (LP, K-RAA-K)


shizuka - live: 伝承美学 [traditional aesthetics] - psf/cd
suishou no fune - prayer for chibi - holy mountain/2xcd/LP
vajra - live - psf/cd
richard youngs - three handed star - no fans/cdr
james ferraro - marble surf - new age tapes/cdr
circuit des yeux - symphone - de stijl/LP
appleblim - ra.110 - resident advisor/podcast
shackleton/appleblim - soundboy's gravestone gets desecrated by vandals - skull disco/2xcd
gas - nah und fern - kompakt/4cd box/2LP
ricardo villalobos - enfants - sei es drum/12"
ricardo villalobos - vasco - perlon/cd/2x12"/12"
luciano - fabric 41 - fabric/cd
sleeparchive - hadron ep - sleeparchive/12"
kan mikami - live at cine nova, brussels, 22 november 2008/concert

DEREK GODAT (Ultra Hard Gel)

Soundtrack 2008 –

Strawberry Path "When The Raven Has Come to the Earth"
David Crosby "If Only I Could Remember My Name"
Grouper "Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill"
Aidan Baker "Green & Cold"
Alcest "Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde"
Minipop "A New Hope"
Stars "In Our Bedroom After The War"
Landing "Circuit / Centrefuge / Fade In Fade Out"
Tears Run Rings "A Question And An Answer / Always Sometimes Seldom Never"
Machinefabriek & Riftmusic "Machinefabriek & Riftmusic"
Alastair Galbraith "Mirrorwork"
Sprills Of Ore "Interstellar"
Mia Doi Todd "GEA"
Cyann & Ben "Sweet Beliefs"
Christina Carter "Lace Heart / Texas Blues Working"
Jimi Hendrix "Electric Ladyland / Message From Nine to the Universe"
Dariush Talai "Musique Traditionnelle / Concert D'Utrecht"


Pete Fosco - Dust, American Dust
Diplo and Santogold - Top Ranking
Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak
Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Peter Broderick - Home
Portishead - Third
James Blackshaw - Litany of Echoes
Wooden Shjips - Vol. 1
Soccer Team - "Volunteered" Civility & Professionalism
Christina Carter - Texas Blues Working
Sea Zombies - It Died In Africa
Caethua - Queenly Women Crowned and Uncrowned
Talkingmakesnosense - The Winter Drones

MIKE WEIS (Zelienople / Good Stuff House)

01. Scott Tuma Not For Nobody (CD on Digitalis)
Finally, a new solo album. Wasn't so sure it would happen again and then he surprised everyone with this masterpiece of stretched-out, blurred American music. Very spiritual and heartbreakingly beautiful. Soundtrack for the stairway to Heaven.

02. Grouper Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill (LP on Type)
Perfect mix of clarity and obscurity. I spent many hours this year submersed in this album. Heavy Water gets my vote for song of the year.

03. Aethenor Betimes Black Cloudmass (LP on VHF)
The addition of the two drummers is a godsend. Reminds me of when Organum teams up with AMM's Eddie Prevost. Looking forward to more of this.

04. Xela In Bocca Al Lupo (LP on Type)
Bleak, sparse and creepin' around in the dank, dark catacombs of the cathedral. Kinda makes me feel icky, I love it.

05. Thuja s/t (LP on Important)
The mysteries of the deep woods, very Lynchian from one of the most imaginative collectives of our time.

06. Fire Room Broken Music (CD on Atavistic)
Free Jazz meets Free Noise and neither genre drowns out the other. Ken Vandermark on reeds, Paul Nilssen-Love on drums and Lasse Marhaug on electronics. Vandermark cuts himself loose from his Ornette safety net.

07. Common Eider, King Eider Figs, Wasps, and Monotremes (CD on Root Strata)

Rob Fisk's (Badgerlore, 7 Year Rabbit, ex-Deerhunter) new solo project. The sound of a frozen landscape; sometimes blissfully serene, sometimes a blustery ice storm.

08. The Blithe Sons The Great Orthochromatic Wheel (LP on Family Vineyard)
The Blithe Sons most structured album yet. The influence of Donaldson's Ivytree project spills over into one side of the LP with gorgeous, loose ambient pop songs. The other side is like a rustic Morton Feldman.

09. Svarte Greiner Penpals Forever (Cassette on Digitalis)
An outstanding grasp of a personal aesthetic. Not sure if his music is improvised or not. If so, he's got an incredible control over the end result, rather than just the process which makes a lot of improvised music seem cold.

10. Windy & Carl Songs for the Broken Hearted (LP on Kranky)
Now that the avant-garde are making shoegaze albums it's nice that this duo made a comeback to show 'em how it's really done. It's all about emotion, heart before head.

11. The North Sea Gated Community (CD on Root Strata)
Brad Rose puts away his banjo, picks up the electronics and reveals his dark side. I imagine the apocalypse happening only in Gated Communities.

Other Mentions: Ulaan Kohl - Volumes 1 and 2, Valet - Naked Acid, Goldmund - The Malady of Elegance, William Parker - Double Sunrise Over Neptune, Sun Kil Moon - April, The Fun Years - Baby It's Cold Outside, Loren Chasse - The Footpath, Emeralds - Solar Bridge, Ilyas Ahmed - Vertigo of Dawn, John Davis - The Gold Hooped Nature, Koen Holtkamp - Field Rituals.

Notable Live Sets: Henry Grimes Trio, Why?, Metal Rouge, Dead C, Mats Gustafsson's The Thing, Vandermark 5, Fred Anderson Trio, Deaf Center, Svarte Greiner, Xela, Tara Jane O'Neil, Yellow Swans, Odawas, Mountains, Mike Tamburo, Josh Abrams/Jeff Parker, Bruce Lamont, Spiritualized, Spires in The Sunset That Rise, Peter Brotzmann, Phil Cohran, Fred Lonberg-Holm's Lightbox Orchestra



1. Soft Location- Diamonds and Gems LP (Senseless Empire)
2. Nothing People- Anonymous LP (s-s)
3. Crystal Stilts- Alight of Night LP (Slumberland)
4. Fabulous Diamonds- S/T LP (Siltbreeze)
5. Blank Dogs- Fields- Mini LP (Woodist)
6. Pink Noise- Dream Code LP (Sacred Bones)
7. The Hospitals- Hairdryer Peace LP (No Label)
8. Mark McGuire- Let Us Be the Way We Were CDR (No Label)
9. Various Artists- XXperiments LP (Die Stasi)
10. Dan Melchior- Christmas for the Crows LP (Daggerman)


1. Electric Bunnies- Chewing Gum (Florida's Dying)
2. Vivian Girls- Wild Eyes (Plays With Dolls)
3. Box Elders- Hole in my Head (Grotto)
4. Zola Jesus- Poor Sons (Die Stasi)
5. Black Time- Dance Party (Bancroft)
6. Little Claw- Why/Why Not? (Physical Sewer)
7. Naked on the Vague- Poletergiest Palm (Skulltones)
8. Titmachine- I Wanna be your Dog (Meeuw Muzak)
9. Sexy Kids- Sisters are Forever (Slumberland)
10. Vermillion Sands- Mary (Rijapov)


1. The Bachs- Out of the Bachs LP (Void)
2. Tommy Jay- Tommy Jay's Tall Tales of Trauma LP (Columbus Discount)
3. The Clean- Compilation Lp(Mississippi)
4. The Velvet Underground- Live at the Gymnasium LP (Velvet Records)
5. Thierry Muller- Rare and Unreleased CD (Fractal)
6. The Rats- S/T LP (Mississippi)
7. Debris- Static Disposal Lp (Anopheles)
8. Walrus- Songs LP (Guerssen)
9. Various Artists- Messthetics Greatest Hiss (H2D)
10. Comet Gain- Broken Record Players (Milou)

WOLFGANG NESSEL (heavywater/sp!r!tsup/toronto)

almost blue sunshine - body image [lsd_otb]
earth - the bees made honey in the lion's skull [southern lord]
emeralds/quintana roo [arbor]
eric chenaux - sloppy ground [constellation]
ghostlight - shade grown [inyrdisk]
heavy winged - alive in my mouth [three lobed]
mv & ee - ragas of culvert + total loss songs [three lobed]
not the wind, not the flag [no label]
pocahaunted - island diamonds [not not fun]
trancendental rodeo [beniffer]



Harry Pussy – You’ll Never Play This Town Again (best album title?)
Tunnel Canary – Jihad
Cold Sun – Dark Shadows


Religious Knives – Live at Big Jar Books
Skullflower – Desire For A Holy War
Keiji Haino - Koitsukara Usetaitameno Hakarigoto
NHK – Unununium
Rusted Shut – Hot Sex (best album cover?)
Harvey Milk – Life, The Best Game In Town
Jandek – Glasgow Sunday 2005
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides – Carving One’s Void
Christina Carter – A Blossom Fell
SND – 4, 5, 6
The Hospitals – Hairdryer Peace


Vodka Soap @ 13th Note
Heather Leigh with Blood Stereo @ Stereo (any chance of a release?)
Morbid Angel @ The Garage
Skullflower & Michael Flower @ CCA
Loefah & Vinyl Eater @ The Doghouse
SND @ The Art School


Religious Knives – The Door (what happened?!)
Hasegawa-Shizuo - I Know A Chord… (totally lost the incredible mood of ‘Songs…’, and was a bit too erratic. Return to vinyl please!)
Approximately Infinite Universe @ CCA (gold diluted by lead)


Top 20:

1. Christina Carter – ‘Masque Femine’ (Many Breaths)
2. Jandek – ‘Glasgow Sunday 2005’ (Corwood)
3. Joshua Burkett – ‘Where’s My Hat?’ (Time Lag)
4. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides – ‘Bataille De Battle’ (Singing Knives)
5. Harry Pussy – ‘Live In Austin, Texas 1998’
6. Scorces – ‘I Turn Into You’ (Not Not Fun)
7. Eat Skull – ‘Sick To Death’ (Siltbreeze)
8. Head Of Wantastiquet – ‘Mortagne’ (Ecstatic Yod)
9. The Hospitals – s/t (self-released)
10. James Ferraro – ‘Clear’ (New Age Tapes)
11. Woods Family Creeps – s/t (Time Lag)
12. Grouper / Inca Ore split LP
13. Hair Police – ‘Certainty Of Swarms’ (No Fun)
14. Graveyards – s/t (Qbico)
15. Vivian Girls – s/t + singles (Fuck It Tapes)
16. Sic Alps - ‘A Long Way Around To A Short Cut’ (Animal Disguise)
17. Emeralds & Dilloway – ‘Under Pressure’ (Hanson)
18. Sun City Girls – ‘You’re Never Alone With A Cigarette’ (Abduction)
19. Kikuri – ‘Pulverised Purple’ (Victo)
20. Gary War – ‘New Raytheonport’ (SHDWPLY)

Reissues Top 10:

1. The Bachs – ‘Out Of The Bachs’ (Void)
2. Dead C – ‘DR503 / Sun Stabbed’ & ‘Eusa Kills / Helen Said This’ (Ba Da Bing)
3. Ashtray Navigations – ‘A Monument To British Rock’ 3xLP (Smoker’s Gift)
4. The Clean – ‘Compilation’ (Little Axe)
5. Aaron Dilloway & C Spencer Yeh – ‘The Squid / False Speech’ CD (Hanson)
6. Robert Martin – ‘Long Goodbye’ (Yik Yak)
7. Yoshi Wada – ‘The Appointed Cloud’ (Omega Point)
8. ESP Kinetic – ‘Fleck-Nor’ CD-R (Music Mundane)
9. MV & EE – ‘Meet Snake’s Pass And Other Human Conditions’ LP (Singing Knives)
10. Skip James – ‘1931’ (Mississippi Records)


MV & EE, Luminaire, London
Termite Festival, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds – Nihilst Spasm Band, Skullflower, Giffoni, etc
Pissed Jeans, Fenton, Leeds
My Bloody Valentine, Roundhouse, London
Rowf Rowf Rowf, Islington Mill, Salford – Ashtray Navigations, John Clyde-Evans, Spectre Folk, Kath Bloom, etc
Sic Alps, Royal Park Cellars, Leeds
Vodka Soap, Santiago’s, Leeds
Acid Mother’s Temple, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Vivian Girls, Cockpit, Leeds

Oh, and I loved all of these too:

Black Time – ‘Double Negative’ (In The Red)
Thurston Moore – ‘Sensitive/Lethgal’ (No Fun)
Crystal Stilts – ‘Alight Of Night’ (Slumberland)
Mark McGuire – ‘Let Us Be The Way We Were’ (self-released)
Emeralds – ‘Solar Bridge’ (Hanson)
Zaimph – ‘The Undertermined Dyad’ (Volcanic Tongue)
Christina Carter – ‘A Blossom Fell’, ‘Message Volume 1: Live Toronto DC’, ‘Two Nights Film’ (Many Breaths), ‘Texas Blues Working’ (Blackest Rainbow), ‘Original Darkness’ (Kranky)
Jandek - ‘The Myth Of Blue Icicles’ CD (Corwood)
The Skaters – ‘Physicalities Of The Sensibilities Of Ingrediential Stairways’ (Eclipse)
James Ferraro – ‘Marble Surf’, ‘Multitopia’, ‘Excel’ (New Age Tapes),
‘Last American Hero / Adrenaline’s End’ (Dreamtime Taped Sounds)
Black Joker – ‘Watch Out!’ (Pacific City)
Vodka Soap – ‘Shee-Ro Gateway Temples’ (Pacific City)
Monopoly Child Star Searchers – ‘Gitchii Manitou’, ‘Start Levitating Now!,
‘Piper Maru’, ‘Infant Spirituality Rates Coconut Percent’,
‘Mandala Levitations’ CD-R reissues,
‘Prince Of Parrot Shooters’ (Pacific City)
Graveyards - ‘Cinders’ LP (Sergent Massacre)
Graveyards & Dead Machines – ‘Machineyard In Soundworld’ (Brokenresearch)
Scorces - ‘Dreamers Of Decadence’ (Volcanic Tongue)
Purple Haze – ‘Eternal Weekend’ (Heavy Blossom)
Magik Markers – ‘Danau Blues’ (Arbitrary Signs)
MV & EE - ‘Sniffin’ Glue’ (Heroine)
MV & EE With The Golden Road – ‘Astral Bleachers, Big Moment’ (COM / Ecstatic Peace)
MV & EE With Willie Lane – ‘Pray For Less’ tape (Blackest Rainbow)
Religious Knives - ‘Resin’ (No Fun), ‘Live At Bigjar’ (Archive), ‘It’s After Dark’ (Troubleman)
Sic Alps – US EZ’ (Siltbreeze)


Favourite recorded shit of 2008:
Pengo - "Fragrant Wounds" beautiful double CDR set on Chocolate Monk
Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo - "From Tapes & Throats" LP on Giant Tank
The Michael Flower Band - Oscillation III series CD on 3 Lobed
Steve Hauschildt - "The Summit" CDR on Gneiss Things
Alistair Crosbie - "Ashenground" disc on Basses Frequences
Ashtray Navigations - "A Monument To British Rock" triple LP on Smoker's Gifts
Lanterns side of their split LP on Other Electricities (haven't checked out the flip yet!)
Cheer - Minerals Series disc on Benbecula
Infinity Window - "Trans Fat" CDR on Chocolate Monk
Chou Pahrot - "Live" LP on Klub Records

Favourite live shit of 2008:
Colour Out of Space Festival
Instal Festival
Pengo / Usurper with Sticky Foster @ Bug Jar, Rochester NY, October
Infinity Window / Earth Station / Non Horse / Treetops @ Silent Barn NYC, October
Usurper & Guest Beers, Boston MA, October
Chris Corsano & Heather Leigh Murray / Ashtray Navigations / Blood Stereo @ CCA Glasgow, November
Whitehouse @ The Tunnels Aberdeen, April
Skullflower, Mick Flower @ CCA Glasgow, March
Single Helix @ 13th Note Glasgow, July then again in September
Religious Knives, Starving Weirdos @ Occii, Amsterdam, September
Sun Ra Arkestra @ ZXZW festival, Tilburg, September


Record of the year: Cindytalk – “Silver Shoals of Light” (Blue Sanct one-sided 10” single)
Album of the year: Mogwai – “The Hawk is Howling” (Play It Again Sam CD/DVD)
Debut of the year: Horse Gives Birth To Fly – “Titus Andronicus” (self-released CD-R)
Labels of the year: Blackest Rainbow, Rural Faune/Faunasabbatha, Turgid Animal
Gig of the year: My Bloody Valentine at Glasgow Barrowlands
Website of the year: www.animalpsi.com

These chaps were responsible for other major music highlights:
“V”/The Pistil Cosmos; Pocahaunted; Nackt Insecten; Invisible/Adam Lygo; These Feathers Have Plumes; Quttinirpaaq; A Story of Rats; Christina Carter; GHQ; Zaika; Birchville Cat Motel/Black Boned Angel; Remember Remember; Fuck Buttons; Susan Matthews (with and without Rainier Lericolais); Alistair Crosbie; Apalusa; Gareth Hardwick; Wereju; Eyeballs; Current 93; Sunn O)))/Ascend/Aethenor/Pentemple/Gravetemple; Shit & Shine; Nadja/Aidan Baker; R.Y.N.; Zaimph; RST; Ekca Liena; Kwannon; Lords; Hey Colossus; Monks of the Balhill; Acid Mothers Temple; Korperschwache; Burial Hex; Asva; The Sontaran Experiment; Bardo Pond; Ajilvsga; Cheer; Gnaw Their Tongues; Moss; Sorc’henn; Murder Book/Karst/Inseminoid/Erases; Robedoor; Slomo; Bones of Seabirds; The Doom Riot; Andrew Paine; Skullflower/Sunroof!/Hototogisu; Culver; Satori; Treetops; Acre; Black Sun; Goliath Bird Eater; Family Battle Snake; Messiah Complex

Other significant highlights:
The birth of our second son; passing 40 (sheesh); visiting Glasgow (and a certain wee record shop or two!); Pompey winning the FA Cup; a tooth extraction.


*Billy Bao - Dialectics of Shit LP
*Brainbombs - Fucking Mess LP
*Graham Lambkin / Jason Lescalleet - The Breadwinner CD
*Sex / Vid - Communal Living 12"
*Mob Rules - The Donor 7"
*Organum - Omega CD
*Junko / Mattin - LP
*Emeralds - Solar Bridge CD
*The Wankys / Exithippies - Noise, Disorder & Chaos / Fucking Stone LP
*Prurient - Cocaine Death CD
*Double Negative - Raw Energy 7"
*Jason Crumer - Ottoman Black CD
*Gauze - Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte LP
*Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion 2xCD
*Skullflower - Pure Imperial Reform CD

Top 2008 recordings by for Noise's sake records

The Hospitals "Hairdryer Peace" LP (Self-released)
xNoBBQx "People all over the World" CDR (Breakdance the Dawn)
Harry Pussy "You'll Never Play This Town Again" CD (Load)
Los Llamarada "Take the Sky" LP (S-S Records)
Drunkdriver "Born Pregnant" LP (Parts Unknown)
Black Pus/Foot Village "Split 12"" (DNT)
Dan Friel "Ghost Town" CD (Important)
AFCGT "AFCGT" CDR (Self-released)
Death Sentence: Panda! "Insects Awaken" LP (Upset The Rhythm)
Fire Room "Broken Music" CD (Atavistic)
Joe Mcphee & Paal Nilssen-Love "Tomorrow Came Today" CD (SmallTownSuperJazz)
Sissy Spacek "French Record" CD (Dual Plover)
Anthony Braxton, Milford Graves & William Parker "Beyond Quantum" CD (Tzadik)
Billy Bao "Accumulation" 7'' (Xerox musik)
Astral Social Club "Model Town in a Field of Mud" LP (Textile)
Mount Eerie "Black Wooden Ceiling Opening" CD (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
Sic Alps "A Long Way Around To A Shortcut" CD (Animal Disguise)


Urinals: Negative Capability ... Check it out! [Warning Label]
V/A: Life is a problem [Mississippi]
Linda Perhacs: Parallelograms [Sunbeam] - Chimacum Rain hasn't left my head.
Woods Family Creep: S/T [Time-Lag]
Magik Markers: Danau Blues [Arbitrary Signs]
Edmond De Deyster: Selectie 02 [Ultra Eczema]
Zola Jesus: Poor Sons [die stasi]
Zola Jesus: Soeur Sewer [Sacred Bones]
Circuit Des Yeux: Symphone [De Stijl]
Emerald & Dilloway: Under Pressure [Hanson]
Vivian Girls: I Can't Stay [In The Red]
Billy Bao: Dialectics of Shit [Parts Unknown]

Grouper/ Mark McGuire/ Minimal Man should all be in, as should the 1st Wantling collection. Role on the 2nd!


Emeralds/Tusco Terror - Xmas Tape 2007 2xc30 (Tusco Embassy)
The Dead C - Secret Earth cd (Ba da Bing Records)
The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace lp (Self Released)
James Ferraro - Marble Surf cdr (New Age Tapes)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Transmat Memories c35 (Dreamtime Taped Sounds)
Mark Mcguire - Off In The Distance c40 (Chondritic Sound)
Hair Police - Certainty of Swarms cd (No Fun)
Fragments - s/t c30 (Self Released)
Sam Goldberg - Outer Body Experiences c30 (Pizza Night)
Jandek - Glasgow Sunday 2005 cd (Corwood)


Lili Z The two of us LP (In the Red) / CD (Pollymaggoo)

V/A Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1-3 LP (Norton)

Brainbombs Live @ Sonic protest '08

V/A Twistin' Rumble (Crypt)
The Rebel Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable LP (Sacred Bones)
The Nixe LP (Pollymaggoo)
Systematics What we did in the afternoon 2LP (TU-134)
Brainbombs Fucking Mess LP (Lystring)
Mike Rep & The Quotas- Songs The Crackles Liked 12" mini-LP (Col. Discount)
Pyramids (Love Tan) This land is no good 7" (Sweet Rot)
V/A The Rock-A-Round LP (Norton)
Bobby Fuller Rock And Roll King Of The Southwest LP (Norton)
Take Me to the River: a Southern Soul Story 1961-1977 (Kent)
VA / African Scream Contests 2LP (Analog Africa)
Sick Things My life's a mess LP (Stolen)
Circle X Prehistory CD (Blue Chopsticks)
Figures Of Light Smash Hits LP (Norton)
Liimanarina Linkolalaista Lahiorokkia Landelta CD (Bad Vugum)
Irma Thomas sings LP (Mississippi)
VA / Give Me Love- Songs of the Brokenhearted- Baghdad 2 LP (Honest Jon's)
The Clean LP compilation (Mississippi)
VA / Sprigs of Time- 78s from the EMI Archive (Honest Jon's 2 LP)
Rembetika 2 (JSP 5CD)
Pascal Comelade Monofonicorama best off CD (Because)
VA / Life is a Problem LP (Mississippi)
Rusted Shut Hot Sex 12" EP (Dull Knife)
VA / Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long LP & Last Kind Words (Mississippi)
Moondog Snaketime Series LP (« fan-club »)
Toni Mc Cann My babe 7" (Zenith)
Charlie Feathers Wild Side Of Life LP (Norton)
Charlie Feathers Honky Tonk Kind LP (Norton)
Charlie Feathers Long Time Ago LP (Norton)
Dave E & Cool Marriage Counselors Searching Thru Sears 7" (X mas Pet)
Mayo Thompson Corky's debt LP (Drag City)
Soggy LP (Mémoire neuve)
Nerves One way ticket LP (Alive)
Bachs Out of the Bachs LP (Void)
VA / Victrola Favorites 2CD (Dust to Digital)
VA / IVG Vol.1 - Futur antérieur, France 75/85 (Poutre Apparente)
Jean-Pierre Massiera Freakoid (1963-1978) LP (Mucho Gusto)
Tommy Jay all Tales of Trauma Lp (Columbus Discount)
We The People Too Much Noise LP (Sundazed)
Country Teasers W.O.A.R Lp (Holy Mountain)
Weegee retrospective in Montpellier
Roca medical collection of wax models in Ghent


Favourite Things in 2008

(.... not all necessarily released in 2008)

* Joshua Burkett's "Where's my Hat?" (Time-Lag) was my favourite record this year. Sad, fragile, unpretentious, flawed AND perfect.

* I was a little late getting Group Doueh's record on Sublime Frequencies... equal favourite this year.. too good.

* Jandek: "The Grassy Knoll" on 'Glasgow Sunday 2005' CD (Corwood)

* The Spiders: untitled LP (Pulled Out) - A secret classic of underground Australia scuzz. And best cover art this year..

* 2779: "Toowong Village" cassette (Breakdance the Dawn); Craft Bandits: various cassettes on Breakdance the Dawn, xNoBBQx picture disc LP (Pulled Out), Joel Stern 'objects masks props' CD (Naturestrip) - more beautiful fucked up Australian music.

* Heather Leigh Murray: "Devil If You Can Hear Me" LP (Not Not Fun) and Scorces "I turn into you" 2LP (Not Not Fun)

* various Neil Young was played over and over again in the house this year - especially "Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown"

* live - in Tokyo, Kan Mikami live with acoustic guitar and no PA; Gareth Eggie; Greymouth; mhfs; Ju-Sei; first 20 minutes of Haino in Yokohama (before those damn looped drum machines kicked in)..in Sydney, Geodesic Domes of the Eastern Seaboard; X-Wave; the Cupcake Club; xNoBBQx; Castings.

* other - coming back to Australia at the end of the year and getting to drink Australian-made Stones Green Ginger Wine again.. much wilder and better than the original UK version... the UK company should be ashamed.


The Dead C - Secret Earth (Ba Da Bing)
Doronco Gumo - Old Punks (Dilettante)
V/A - Songs The Cheater Slicks Taught Us (Bootleg)
The New Monuments - B/C/D/F (American Tapes)
By Any Means - Live At Crescendo (Ayler)
U.S. Girls - Gravel Days (Chocolate Monk)
Flipper - Gone Fishin' (Water)
The Michael Flower Band - S/T (Three Lobed)
Emeralds - Solar Bridge (Hanson)
Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & His Southern Aces - Lord, Keep Me Sanctified (Big Legal Mess)


Christina Carter - Masque Femine (Many Breaths)
Directing Hand - What Put The Blood (Dancing Wayang)
Gown - Wandering Glory (Ecstatic Yod)
Harry Pussy - Live In Austin, TX (Sister Skull)
Hototogisu - Pale Fatal Sister (Important)
Joshua Burkett - Where's My Hat? (Time-Lag)
Mark McGuire - Let Us Be The Way We Were (Wagon)
Robbie Basho - Bonn Ist Supreme (Bo Weavil)
Sean Smith - Eternal (Gnome Life)
Tom Carter - Shots At Infinity 1 & 2 (Important)
Willie Lane - Recliner Ragas (Child Of Microtones)
Yoshi Wada - The Appointed Cloud (Omega Point)
Zaïmph - The Undetermined Dyad (Volcanic Tongue)


1 - Eat Skull- Sick To Death
2 - Deerhunter - Microcastle / Weird Era Cont
3 - James Ferraro - Marble Surf

4 - Grouper- Dragging a Dead Deer Up A Hill
5 - Joshua Burkett - Where's My Hat?
6 - Pumice - Quo
7 - No Age - Nouns
8 - The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace
9 - Thomas Function - Celebration
10 - Paavoharju - laula laakson kukista


Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase: Glistening Inn LP
Black to Comm: Fractal Hair Geometry LP
Burning Star Core: Challenger LP
Eric Copeland: Alien in a Garbage Dump LP
Fricara Pacchu: Midnight Pyre CD
Howling Hex: Earth Junk LP
No-Neck Blues Band: CLOMEIM 2LP
Dylan Nyoukis love stream: Inside Wino Lodge LP, Dennis Tyfus split LP, Blood Stereo The Magnetic Headache CD
Multitopia LP
Sic Alps: U.S.EZ LP
Vivian Girls LP

other highlights: Uton "Straight Edge XXS" LP, Lau Nau "Nukkuu" LP, Pierced Arrows LP, Urfaust "Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos" + seeing them play live in Tampere!, Joshua Burkett "Where's My Hat?" LP, GGD, Pumice, Astral Social Club, Ashtray Navigations, The Skaters...


Anne Briggs
Arthur Russell – Love Is Overtaking Me
Meic Stevens – Gwymon
The Witch – Lazy Bones!!
Paprikazz Fel! Best of Hungarian Rockscene 1965–1971 comp
Chris Connelly – Forgiveness & Exile
Jazzfinger – Mole & the Morning Dew
The Habibiyya – If man but knew
Harry Pussy – You’ll Never Play This Town Again
1 2 6 – Graveyard Paradise
Speed, Glue & Shinki – Eve
Kevin Ayers – What More Can I Say…
Dead C – Secret Earth, Eusa Kills/Helen Said This, DR503/Sun Stabbed
Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh
Ilyas Ahmed – The Vertigo of Dawn
Bruce Springsteen – Dream Baby 10”
The Rats
Magazine – Complete John Peel Sessions
A Squared (Of Course) comp
Skullflower – Taste the Blood of the Deceiver, Circulus Vitiosus Deus
US Girls – Introducing…

Marc Richter (Dekorder/Black To Comm)

Mike Kelley - Yummy Puffy Mommy Yoni (Compound Annex)
Runhild Gammelsaeter - Amplicon (Utech)
Stephan Mathieu - Radioland (Die Schachtel)
Gaeoudjiparl - Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra (Krabbesholm)
Xela - In Bocca Al Lupo (Type)
Jon Mueller - Metals (Table Of The Elements)
Fennesz - Black Sea (Touch)
Portishead - Third (Mercury)
Sunn o))) - Domkirke (Southern Lord)
G*Park - Reuters (Tochnit Aleph)
Darkspace - III (Avantgarde)
Max Müller - Die Nostalgie ist auch nicht mehr das was sie früher mal war (Angelika Koehlermann)
Hair Police - Certainty Of Swarms (No Fun)
Fanal - Fanal II (Sonig)
Burning Star Core - Challenger (Hospital)
Birchville Cat Motel - Gunpowder Temple Of Heaven (Pica Disk)
Wolves In The Throne Room - Two Hunters (Southern Lord)
Skullflower - La Noche De Walpurgis (Private)
V/A - Okkulte Stimmen Mediale Musik (Suppose)
Ulaan Khol - I / II (Soft Abuse)
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Prince Of Parrot Shooters (Pacific City)
Grouper - Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill (Type)

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