Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Keijo & The Free Players

Pseudo Arcana


New honey-thick stew of electronics, phased vocals, long lines of human breath and strings tuned to the heavens from this always electrifying Finnish margin-walker, here joined by members of Vapaa. Limited.

Nova Scotia
Ramses 2

Pseudo Arcana


New live working from the free NZ trio who levitated a whole bunch of beards with their last release on Metonymic. This one features Richard Whyte, Rick Jensen and Dean Brown live on 04/12/04 in Wellington, New Zealand and works blasted skeleton forms from low-level percussive shuffle, slow hurricanes of malformed tone, pitched wine glasses and saxophone squawk. Parts of this sound like a huge abandoned galleon being slowly blown to pieces by slow-motion tides. Fans of AMM, NNCK and even later Shadow Ring might well wanna smoke on these bones.

Sam Hamilton & Chris O'Connor
Tidal Dee's And Harboured Dum's

Pseudo Arcana No Cat


"The hyper-energetic Sam Hamilton is almost solely responsible for the currently booming Auckland experimental music scene, organising shows and festivals on what seems an almost daily basis. He is also no slouch in the performing arena himself, playing home made and/or deconstructed electronics and instruments to produce dense drones and evocative arpeggios... Chris O'Connor is for my money the most exciting and inspired drummer in New Zealand. A stalwart of the NZ improv and fire-music scenes he is also the only drummer I have ever witnessed pulling off a convincing drone performance- on drums! I could watch him play all night. 'Tidal Dee's and Harboured Dum's' is a soundtrack Hamilton and O'Connor created for the experimental feature film 'Anguish', by Tim Van Dammen. Featuring Hamilton on psyche guitar and electronics and O'Connor on drums it verges on Haino-esque territory as it takes one on a seat of the pants ride through the purplest realms of ecstatic rock." - PA

The Nether Dawn/Agitated Radio Pilot

Pseudo Arcana No Cat

Lathe LP

“After years of preparation the long rumoured split lathe makes its appearance! Beautiful it is too with individually hand-printed/painted covers by United Fairy Moons Jim Currin. Irishman Dave Colohan's Agitated Radio Pilot project brings us a suite of sad sweet beautiful folk drones called 'The Ghost of Medb'. Said ghost shimmers and weeps diamond tears over the course of this side. On the other side Antony Milton's Nether Dawn presents 'Under Your Night'. This consists of a song that is gradually enveloped in electronically treated noise violin before departing for hummier and droney airs and a live rock out (accompanied by James Kirk) for the final movement. All hand etched into clear acetate by the infamous Peter King.” – PA.

The Nether Dawn/1/3 Octave Band

Pseudo Arcana S&F-003


Hand-numbered edition of 100 split release featuring two time-gouging trance performances, the first from a duo Nether Dawn consisting of Antony Milton and Jon Dale who generate almost Fushitsusha-levels of disrupto drone before settling into a nicely zoned Gown-style guitar/vocal hypnotic. Nether Dawn make it with bows of arcing steel and the sound of the horizon slowly breaking from the earth. Comes in the usual swank wax-sealed envelopes with an original Kodak print.

3 Films

Pseudo Arcana PA-126


Cool new DVD from Pseudo Arcana that features a selection of films put together by Anthony Milton using raw footage culled from You Tube by using the search terms “historical New Zealand Super 8 film”. The resultant visuals have a distant memory vague appeal with a ton of surreal historical detail, airshows, folk festivals, landscapes... all combining in strange abstract forms while Hi-Asobi – the trio of Milton, Peter Wright and David Khan - generate power drones and eerie blues-inflected abstractions that add to overall dream/reverie feel. No region, all players compatible. Comes with a free digital download of the sonics.

Various Artists
Pipe And Drum Music Of Bolivia

Pseudo Arcana PA-131

Lathe-Cut LP

Edition of only 50 copies hand-cut lathe with insert and download documenting some insane pipe and drum music recorded live in the field by Anthony Milton: incredible degree of out of body hyperventilating going on here, with crude pipe stylings huffing all the way to unconsciousness while drums batter our ritual tattoos and wild get-down stylings. A side was recorded at a 36 hour non-stop street fiesta in the village of Sorata in the High Andes while the flip was at an overnight bacchal in a bamboo hut in the village of San Miguel del Bala in the Amazon basin. Line this one up to next to an Albert Ayler boot and your favourite Vibracathedral Orchestra CD-R for maximal brain rearrangement. 

Paintings Of Windows
Pororar River Mouth

Pseudo Arcana No Cat

Lathe-Cut LP + DVD

Stunning new electro-acoustic visioning of area sonorities from New Zealand’s Antony Milton aka A.M./Birdcatcher/Black Boned Angel/Mrtyu et al on an ultra-limited Peter King cut lathe LP with DVD and download: this one was recorded in Punakaiki, a small beach town on the wild and rugged South Island of New Zealand in 2013. Recorded over the space of one week, this is an album that really takes you *there*, combining sad elegiac drones recorded beneath open skies with oddly affecting field recordings made in the bush and on the shore and a series of hushed, fragile chants and song forms that summon the ghost of Alastair Galbraith as if it was recorded straight to Walkman by Andrew Chalk and Matthew Shaw. All music was made using a battery operated synthesizer and sampler, with recordings typically made at dusk “when the inspiration of the land/sea-scapes were at their most intense.” Indeed, as Antony says “The rush and whisper of ocean waves is perhaps the most dominant of voices here”. The set also comes with a mesmerising DVD featuring a film Antony made to go along with the music that documents his lonely sojourn out there at the edge of the world.  Hard to think of anyone who can so masterfully transmute their own peripatetic wanderings into such beautiful sound/image constructs. A mesmerising set from Antony and a continuation of Pseudo Arcana’s recent stunning form. Immediately sold out at source, very highly recommended!