19 MARCH 2015


Volcanic Tongue's website is still open but the end is drawing closer. We're continuing to add releases to the site at a staggering pace including a good mix of rarities, closeouts and markdowns across all formats and we're still offering further discounts on bulk orders. Check in daily because stuff is getting snapped up quickly. We added over 100 releases to the recent arrivals page yesterday alone: http://www.volcanictongue.com/recent

Further releases are available if you search or browse the site:




Now is the time, make you're move before we say goodbye forever...


11 JANUARY 2015



Hey everyone – it is both with a heavy heart and a sense of excitement for the future that we’re announcing that Volcanic Tongue is closing. This will be our last ever update. Many factors have gone into this big decision, not least of which is just how busy behind the scenes all of the VT staff and contributors are with their own projects. After ten years of combing the underground in order to boost and bring you the finest examples of homemade, deeply personal and formally challenging music, we want to go out on a high. Ten years feels like the right time. Over the past decade we have put on numerous shows, run two shops, curated many experimental festivals, presented talks, released LPs, CDs, CD-Rs and cassettes on all our various labels and sent out a consistently forward-thinking weekly update that functioned, we believe, as much as a weekly magazine as it did as a list of titles for sale. Looking back through our archive we (well, mostly staff writer David Keenan!) have clocked up over 2 million words (!) spilled on contemporary underground music and we like to think that the VT archive will stand as the premier guide to what happened in the underground between 2004-2014, a true Anthology of Contemporary Underground Music.
The underground that Volcanic Tongue has consistently championed has changed dramatically since we first began, as has the way we listen to and interact with it, and it has become much more difficult to keep a service like Volcanic Tongue economically viable. 2014 feels like the end of a particular cycle in underground music, but we’re just as excited to see how the culture develops without us, even as our future plans take us deeper. VT boss lady Heather Leigh has a run of very exciting new group projects and releases up her sleeve for 2015, the bulk of which we’re currently sworn to silence over, but stayed tuned for some major announcements this year. VT staff writer and co-owner David Keenan sees his debut novel, The Comfort Of Women, published later this year as well as the much-anticipated expanded re-release of his seminal book, England’s Hidden Reverse, and you can continue to follow his music writing in The Wire and elsewhere.
We want to thank our thousands of loyal customers as well as all of the many labels and artists we championed and who hooked up close with us over the years. VT really was an extended family and we will miss regular interaction with you all. All of your enthusiasm and encouragement over the years has meant so much. We want to say thanks to - and from - all of the extended VT team, some of whom, sadly, are no longer with us: Tom, Shaun, Robert, Kevin, Stuart, Alex, Debbie, Andrew, Darren and Sarah. It has been a trip, an incredible ten years, and we’re proud of what we did to keep the freak flag flying, to turn people on to radical new sounds and to provide a platform for music and artists that might otherwise have fallen through the cracks. It was a true labour of love.
If you want to keep up with David’s writing, his website is www.reversediorama.com and his twitter account is @reversediorama. To follow Heather Leigh, her website is www.wishimage.com and her twitter is @wishimage.
In the coming weeks we will be listing all of our shop stock for sale on the site at knockdown prices as well as all of our used inventory, so keep your eyes on the site regularly. We’re also offering reduced bulk rates for big purchases, so get in touch if you’re looking to take advantage of some killer one-off deals. We’ll also keep you up to date with all of our clear-out offers on VT’s facebook and twitter accounts.

Thanks again everyone, see you on the other side!


11 JANUARY 2015

Campbell Kneale: Reality Buckling


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Got some great new sub-underground releases to go out on, kicking off with the fantastic 12” EP from Australia’s Elli and Bev, Might Not Look Like It To You, a co-release between big VT fave’s Alberts Basement and Quemada. Also got more Oz underground heavyweights in the shape of Wonderfuls’ full-length vinyl LP, Only Shadows Now on Bruit Direct Disques. Two new limited self-released CD-Rs from Campbell Kneale, Birchville Cat Motel’s Alpine Pacific Triangle and Our Love Will Destroy The World’s Frigid Antichrist. New 7” from Herbcraft, Push Thru The Veil, on new private imprint Sa, as well as a new Herbcraft cassette, Tabs Out, and a cassette from S.S. Cretins.



Elli and Bev
Might Not Look Like It To You

Alberts Basement AB-64

12” EP