Village Of Spaces
Welcome In
Turned Word Records TRDWD-33

Edition of 300 copies private press LP from the untouchable New Weird Maine duo of Dan Beckman and Amy Moon: Village Of Spaces’ previous album, Alchemy & Trust, was one of VT’s favourite LPs of the last few years and its follow-up, Welcome In, does not disappoint. The duo still play these amazing, circular, folk-hymnal forms that seem elementally arranged or at least set according to the stars, playing out in hypnotic accumulations of strange, stoned strings, aching male/female vocals and that amazing, far-off Maine drug-damaged appeal. Village of Spaces take aspects of psychedelic American fronteirsmanship – Michael Hurley, Harry Smith’s Anthology, John Fahey, Sandy Bull, US Saucer, Cherry Blossoms, MV&EE – and re-configure them as eternal musics, endlessly nodding-out in widescreen vistas of spare, slow, revelatory blooms of tone poetry, mixing unforgettable melodies with trance-inducing arrangements and the sound of their environment. Whereas their free Maine kin Big Blood sounds like they are marrying Scandinavian and Krautrock forms to mint a form of off-grid rural glam, Village Of Spaces sound much more internally combustive, with a brokedown, heart sore sound that is as high and lonesome as anything by Dock Boggs but with a communal feel and a cultic vibe that has as much to do with The Manson Family Jams or a Hillbilly Theatre Of Eternal Music as it does UK acid folk visionaries like Stone Angel, Caedmon, Tony, Caro & John et al. Another incredible, peerless rendering of outside instrumental form and heart lacerating balladry from a group that can truly do no wrong. A timeless modern masterpiece, beautifully packaged in a single pocket tip-on gatefold LP featuring hand screenprinted, offset printed and hand-stamped artwork by the band. Very highly recommended!