Fourth World Magazine Vol. 2
Pinhead In Fantasia
Pacific City Sound Visions #24
LP + Magazine

Incredible new set of occult/sci-fi/black mirror workings from Spencer Clark aka Monopoly Child Star Searchers/Fourth World Magazine et al: based around the theme of Pinhead In Fantasia, this set power visions metallic angelic life-forms from the future, cenobytes, alien face-huggers, Disney-fied magick and the nightside of Hollywood complete with a full-colour fully illustrated magazine with channelled articles and workings by AR Faust, Spencer Clark and David Keenan. If you have seen any of Spencer’s recent live shows you will have experienced how his music has made quantum leaps towards a new form of high gothic/baroque keyboard fantasia and this amazing set expands on those breakthroughs, with a weirdo Angus MacLise electronic/tape music/hand-drums vibe filtered via backwards channelled vocals, Partch-ian sound environs, modern Holy Music-styled minimalism and a revelatory Kraut/2001 vibe. Less ‘frenetic’ than earlier workings, this represents a slow-dive through accumulated pop culture visions to new oracular zones via wormhole-bisected drone logic, complete with gorgeous sweeps of semi-classical keyboard tone and slow spinning sirens. Something desolately beautiful about this set that makes it stand out from anything Spencer has done before, more fully compositional and thematically linked, positing a dreamworld reconciliation of fourth world melodies, Euro classical darkness, sad cartoon euphorics (one track is titled “Lament Configurations In Walt Disney”) and a wiggy/timeless/haunting Sun Ra/Moondog/Popol Vuh feel. Recorded in an open air theatre and in a god metal box simultaneously. Beautifully packaged with a 12” 12 page full colour magazine, a singular release in every way, very highly recommended!