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The PayPal account for The Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust is finally up and running. You can use this donation button to make direct donations to the Trust.

Alternatively anyone can contribute by going to:

If anyone has questions about contributing, please write to: tomcartertrust (at) gmail (dot) com is now fully up and running with further information about Tom’s condition, benefit shows, etc.

17 June 2012: While on a tour of Europe with Charalambides, Tom Carter was hospitalized in Berlin, Germany and has been in intensive care for over two weeks. He is currently being treated for serious complications of pneumonia. At this time, there remain many uncertainties regarding his condition, which continues to be variable and evolving. Hospitalization and a projected recovery could last at a minimum many weeks and possibly months.

The consideration and support that has already been expressed, during this time, is of great comfort to Tom’s family.

Many concerned individuals have asked about sending cards and flowers, all of which is greatly appreciated. However, the intensive care unit is not equipped to accommodate gifts. We will be sure to let everyone know if and when the hospital is able to do so. Additionally, Tom is currently unable to receive phone calls or visitors. Many individuals have also inquired as to what other assistance they can provide. Due to the severity of Tom’s illness, his hospitalization away from home, and the projection of a possible prolonged recovery, Tom and his family will certainly incur a more than significant financial burden. There will be medical bills as well as possible travel and housing expenses. It is thought that a considerable portion, if not all, of Tom’s recovery must take place in Berlin.

A fund is being established to receive donations to offset these costs. Information on how to contribute will follow as soon as it is available. Tom Carter’s generosity and modesty as a musician and friend, coupled with his dedication to a vision of spiritual music as transformative force, provides us all with a rare example of creative and personal possibilities intertwined. Let us keep Tom, whom we cherish, in our thoughts and attune our minds to his full recovery.

Please forward this notice to anyone who may be concerned. We will post updates here as more information becomes available.

Volcanic Tongue is donating all proceeds from sales of Charalambides and Tom Carter and Christina Carter releases to Tom Carter and his family. Blackest Rainbow Recordings have also very generously offered all their available releases to VT with all proceeds going direct to Tom’s fund. Click the links below to browse all the releases that are part of the appeal.

24 June 2012: More substantial details are coming in as to a potential recovery schedule for Tom Carter while he remains in hospital in Berlin. The doctors are now proposing a plan to keep Tom in intensive care for approximately two more weeks before transferring him to a medical rehabilitation facility for an additional month somewhere in Germany. Afterwards Tom will return to the US for further evaluation, medical care, and convalescence. However, this portion of his treatment and recovery remains largely unknown as to its nature and timescale and indeed, this is a best-case scenario and subject to change according to the vagaries of Tom’s condition.

In order to address the considerable financial difficulties that are sure to arise as a result of a projected lengthy recuperation, Christina Carter (Charalambides) and Cory Rayborn (Three Lobed Recordings) are establishing the Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust to care for all of Tom’s current and future needs. Information on how to make your personal donation directly to the trust fund will be available shortly.

Also, in order to more efficiently coordinate and consolidate efforts to assist Tom, the Jump Arts organization has graciously agreed to donate the site to the Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust. The website will be updated to reflect this transfer, so that interested and concerned parties will be able to continue to visit and make their personal gift directly to Tom’s fund. Until the transfer is complete, Jump Arts will temporarily accept donations on behalf of the RTC Trust. In addition, all monies Jump Arts has already collected will be assigned to the trust.

Volcanic Tongue would like to thank everyone who has purchased merchandise or donated monies to Tom thus far. In the coming weeks we will be announcing some very special donations to Tom’s fund that will be available for sale via Volcanic Tongue, including a new EP from Eleven Twenty-Nine (Tom’s duo with Marc Orleans of Sunburned Hand Of The Man), a reissue of a very limited Charalambides live performance + interview DVD, rare CD-Rs/CDs and cassettes from Christina Carter, Scorces and Charalambides (generously donated by Robin Barnes of Isolde) and an original copy of Richard Youngs and Simon Wickham-Smith’s massively rare private press 2xLP debut, Lake, kindly donated by Richard himself. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds for the new Rotten Masters (Richard Youngs + Andrew Paine) 7” has been donated by Sonic Oyster Records. Keep an eye on our site for many more one-off fund raising contributions.

3 July 2012: Doctors are moving forward with the plan to keep Tom in intensive care for an additional two weeks before transferring him to a medical rehabilitation facility elsewhere in Germany until the end of July. If all goes well he will then be sent back to the US for continued evaluation, treatment and recovery.

Tom’s health continues to improve and the doctors have been able to continue to reduce medications and other treatments. He is finally breathing entirely on his own and beginning to receive physical therapy. At this time the prognosis is good, although there are some questions about long-term health complications due to the pneumonia. Evaluation and any treatment or therapy to address these questions will most likely take place in the US.

The doctors in Germany are also recommending that Tom not return to employment and normal levels of pre-illness activity until January 2013. This recommendation will be periodically re-evaluated but it seems to fall in line with common recovery projections for people who have experienced pneumonia at this level of seriousness.

We still have not spoken directly with Tom but through his family and he wants everyone to know how much he appreciates all of the benefits that have been and are being organized (everyone who puts together, plays at, donates, and/or attends); he also wanted everyone to know how much he appreciates the messages of concern and friendship that have been passed on to him.

16 July 2012: Two days ago, Tom, accompanied by his mother, was transferred to a medical rehabilitation facility in Germany, near the Baltic Sea. Tom will receive medical care, monitoring and physical rehabilitation at the facility until the end of July.

It is still unknown whether Tom will be able to return to New York immediately after the rehabilitation, or if it will be necessary for him to, instead, reside elsewhere with his family for a time. Although his condition continues to improve, Tom is still weak and his condition must come closer to what his normal baseline health will be, in order for doctors to assess what type of further treatment he will need in the US. It does seem to be certain that Tom will require follow up care once back in the States.

Tom and I were able to have a few short conversations on the phone in the last week. He stressed, again, to let everyone know how much everyone’s caring and support has meant and continues to mean to him. He appreciates all of the benefits that have been organized and all of the messages wishing for his recovery. He is able to receive email messages at the facility, however computer access is limited there, and so he may not be able to reply for some time.

All of the help that everyone is providing will most definitely make a huge difference in Tom’s ability to get back on his feet when the time comes, and has also made a huge difference in Tom and his family’s peace of mind (especially with the projected length of recovery time and additional medical care needed.)

For more details and updates on Tom’s condition, please go here: -- Please re-post and tweet this link if you can.