Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Matthew Nidek & Anthony Guerra

The Seedy R


Drums/guitar duo splurge recorded live in Sydney, Australia on 2nd January 2005 that works trashed fuzz and fists of percussion into a post-Vampire Belt tribute to Sound Of Confusion-era Spacemen 3. Fuck!

Mark Sadgrove/Anthony Guerra
Iron Sand

Black Petal/A Binary Datum /


“Mark Sadgrove and Anthony Guerra are a pair of Australasian transplants currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Iron Sand is a series of electric guitar duets illuminated with harp, electronics, vocals and acoustic strings. Both players work minimal repeating shapes into nagging, emotionally insistent cells of smudged tone that re-visit the same territories again and again, as if to force a gentle confession of significance from the same two or three staggered notes. And it works. There’s something of Loren Connors’ foggy, late night style to the sound of the guitars, with washes of silver strings and solitary single notes left suspended in space. But whereas Connors uses variously amplified techniques in order to access the kind of highly-articulate zone where music and speech blur into one, Sadgrove and Guerra opt for re-statements of the most simplistic musical phonetics in order to access hypnagogic states. This is a magical, delicate recording, where minimal guitar lines interact with roaring analogue silence to create a music that somehow manages to combine stark, auraless playing with a deep, psychedelic atmosphere.” – David Keenan/The Wire.

Rainbow Conez
Live At Shibuya Echo

Black Petal #39


More supremely disobedient a-formal destructo rock from the sainted Breakdance The Dawn cabal, this time it's Antipan minus one member, hence the name-change. Here we have Matt Earle (Breakdance/Muura/Craft Bandits/you name it) on guitar, Anthony Guerra (Black Petal et al) on drums and Nick Dan on bass and vocals. Recorded live at Echo in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2010 by Earle, this may be the wildest side of Antipan music to date with a bass that sounds like a huge electrified rubber band, a guitar that combines crude single-note Blues stomps with cranky Rudolph Grey-isms and drums that mix the detonating style of Rashied Ali with the caveman ugh of yr favourite pluke. Tracks are held together with the flimsiest of refusenik logic, with Guerra keeping it martial even when the strings are expiring in gasps of tortuous feedback. Think early Royal Trux via The Shaggs via Kito Mizukumi Rouber and spin it next to your favourite 'punk' 7 for an eye-opening lesson in total musical freedom. Impossibly great, with the usual beautiful packaging from Black Petal. 



Pulled Out PULLLP-001

one-sided LP

Wild quartet art brut from Australia: two guitars, vocals and bass piloted through a rapidly collapsing universe by a bunch of fists who have done more to upset and bolster traditions of rock freak than anyone else down under, with Matt Earle of Breakdance The Dawn and Sumugan Sivanesan on guitars, Nick Dan (xNoBBQx) on bass and vocals and Anthony Guerra (Black Petal) on drums. Post-Harry Pussy/Shaggs/Guys N Dolls-style disobedient rock brut, highly recommended. Pink vinyl w/insert and etched disc.