Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Samara Lubelski
Spectacular Of Passages

De Stijl IND-054


Another bewitchingly beautiful solo album from Samara Lubelski (Tower Recordings/Hall Of Fame/Metabolismus/Sonora Pine/MV et al), that moves away from the tranced instrumental brainbeams of her In The Valley album on Eclipse and instead re-visits the acid chanteuse moves of her first De Stijl album, The Fleeting Skies. The arrangements are beautifully positioned between classic baroque pop ala Byrds/Love/Left Banke/Montage, handmade basement moves and early morning Lower East Side comedowns. Samara's beautifully breathless vocals sound like they're being whispered straight into your ear and the backing band are a peach, including contributions from Hamish Kilgour of NZ garage legends The Clean, Matt Heyner of The No-Neck Blues Band, Christian Frederickson of Rachels and Cynthia Nelson. Limited vinyl edition with stuck on coloured sleeves in classic De Stijl-style. Highly recommended.

The Best It Ever Was

The Great Pop Supplement GPS-33


Limited to 500 copies single from MV & EE, with backing from a Bummer Road line-up featuring Asa Irons on bass, Doc Dunn on pedal steel and Samara Lubelski on violin. A-side is an excellent, weird up-tempo song; the flip is a wayward harmonica and guitar-led bud that has an atmosphere to match Peter Laughner’s “Cinderella Backstreet”. Highly recommended.

Hall Of Fame
Paradise Now

The Social Registry SR006


Gorgeous LP from the trio of Samara Lubelski, Theo Angell and Dan Brown. A beautiful collection of forlorn avant pop songs and serrated throat-float.

Double Leopards/Sunroof!/Mouthus
Crippled Rosebud Binding

Music Fellowship LPDOUBLCRIP


Much anticipated hook-up between these three trans-Atlantic monsters. One-side each and then a third monster inter-band jam. Leopards side is a classic haunt, with wraiths of hovering drone peaking in eye-rolling vocal confusion, while the Mouthus track is a fabulous punk trouncing of fuzz-impacted guitar and clattering electrified skin. Sunroof! jams are the real highlight though, especially the doofily-named “Cortez Tha Killa” that features Matthew Bower on repeat-riff nirvana while Mick Flower of Vibracathedral Orchestra lets his wrist fly with some of the most insane and righteously piloted post-Young acid delirium of anyone’s career. Too fucking much. Final big-band side presents a beautiful void of spooked eternity, with shadow forms moving in and out of earshot like so much hallucinatory cumulus. Comes in a full-colour gatefold sleeve, already sold-out at source, so move it.

Co., Inc.
Nerve Pluck Game

Sdn Rex 05


“Switched-out surge-and-spike, drum-and-treble, thrum-and-tremble from Co., Inc. (Jon Chapman: ex-Double Leopards, Rory Storm and the Invaders, Ray Off, Sinking Infinities). Unvarnished digital and vintage analog constructs: solo improv dissected and interleaved upon solo improv; all hard-/ no soft-ware. Covers hand-built of cotton rag matboard and gummed linen tape, with woodcut-printed titles, and artwork of shaved willow charcoal and archival book-repair tape. Numbered edition of 100.” – CI.

Workbench + Black Quarter/Cornucopia
Live In San Juan

Heavy Tapes No Cat


Mike and Maya Bernstein (Double Leopards/Religious Knives et al) live at the San Juan noise fest, with a wash of sandpaper-toned judder giving way to what almost sounds like one of John Fahey's concrete ragas for locomotive, helicopters, angel vox and eerie wide-open space. B-side features a set from renowned Puerto Rican noise outfit Cornucopia. Comes in the gorgeous new Heavy Tapes (run by Mike and Maya of Double Leopards, Religious Knives et al) packaging with letterpressed custom fabricated cardstock tape covers which wrap around and tuck into themselves and black ink on white cardstock artwork by Maya. Just about the most beautiful run of tapes you're ever likely to fondle.

Double Leopards
A Pebble In Thousands Of Unmapped Revolutions

Eclipse No Cat


Original copies of this long-OOP and rare side from NYC’s legendary Double Leopards, *the* drone band of the past few decades: issued in an edition of 500 copies in 2001, this was the second Double Leopards LP and the first one to fully fuse their vision of contemporary eternal music with bastardised technology and the sound of an army of ghosts. Still sounds spectacular, highly recommended. 

Live Hasselt

Heavy Blossom


Limited edition of 100 copies documenting a live solo show from Marcia Bassett that took place 6/6/06 in Hasselt. 28 minutes of thick, frozen air, slow brain-bloating highs, and thunderous ecstasy peaks. One of the darkest/densest blats from Marcia to date and highly recommended. Comes in wraparound colour pro-printed sleeves.

Death Blooming Pleasure

No Fun No Cat


“When spinning this dark velvet cloak a door opens to clouds of smoke shooting out the windows sills of the shell of old library like ink plumes while smokes leaps like black cats between the curtains. Stone and concrete crumble and fill the air with gray gas showering the maze of shrubs in the courtyard with a dark veil of soot. Marcia Bassett has tread the waters of noise psych drone and continues to defy the categories. A dark psychedelic guitar wash peaks its head out of the smoldering coals that could have been released on the mighty slaughter productions death industrial temple from Italy. Further morbidity croaks from the slicing vocals of a distraught entity being ripped from one dimension to the other... and rather enjoying her ordeal. Light the candles and burn the incense....Limited to 300 copies.” – NFP. Long out of print. 


Heavy Blossom


The first ever release from the Hototogisu duo of Matthew Bower (Skullflower/Total/Sunroof) and Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards) that even approaches being ‘generally available', Green is a real CD - not a CD-R - pressed up for the group by the sainted Ed Hardy of Eclipse records and available in an edition of 1000 copies complete with a suave full-colour booklet reproducing a bunch of the duo's art. Anyone whose mind was blown by the vision of this pair powering their way through one of the most magical/unforgiving sets of Subcurrent 2005 will find plenty to drown in here. Tracks are shorter than on previous releases, though even more obsessively detailed. There are points where the cacophony is so insanely oversaturated that the noise starts to sound as if it's spontaneously giving birth to language: you start hallucinating words and sentences, almost as if the film protecting you from a constant bombardment of information-heavy environmental radiation has been blown apart. Green also features some of Hototogisu's most straight-ahead death/doom metal moves. Although they're not quite Skullflower, the first track features snatches of classic death metal riffs alongside the stomach-punch of a cheap drum machine and on their theme song, the beautifully ferocious “Heavy Blossom”, Mick Flower of Vibracathedral Orchestra plays drums. Alongside all the iron first action, there are some beautiful moments where Marcia and Matthew's voices melt into ribbons of pure white light and the whole thing floats to the ceiling. A modern classic, and possibly the best Hototogisu album to date. Highest recommendation.


De Stijl No Cat


Brand new full-length recording from the duo of Matthew Bower (Skullflower/Total/Sunroof et al) and Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards/Zaimph/GHQ) features a more rock-reverent take on the kind of vertical screens of impossibly detailed overtone that defined their earlier albums, with Marcia's viola slow-burning fluttering afterimages of neon spirals deep into the air while Bower's guitar/microphone worship generates repeat-ascensions of overloaded ecstasy tone. Something grittier, more immediately tactile, that makes this their most dramatically meat-based orbit of hallucinated space/time vectors to date. Highly recommended.

Can't/Carly Ptak/Heather Leigh/Zaimph

Curor No Cat

2x8" Lathe

Limited to 100 copies double lathe set (plays at 45rpm) that bundles four of the foremost female avant/noise insurgents this side of Yoko fucking Ono. And that's the only side to be on. Heather Leigh's "Loch Awe" is the first recorded evidence of her profound post-Adris Hoyos approach to drums and vocal disobedience, with a bandstand rocking sound that references Robbie Yeats's machine gun stagger as much as The Shaggs or Harry Pussy. The Zaimph track is a tornado of levitation with vocals sucked through tiny collapsing galaxies. Can't aka Jessica Rylan presents a synth and vocal piece that draws on all of the most magical aspects of her live shows while Carly Patak of Nautical Almanac presents an excerpt from a conceptual work entitled "Activity: brief fugue", intended to "create change through the process of focussed intent". The whole set comes wrapped up in some particularly fine art by Karen Constance of Blood Stereo/Chocolate Monk/Polly Shang Kuan Band etc. Highly recommended.

Mail Wars

Conduit Creations No Cat


Limited edition of 550 LPs from Carter Thornton compiling a few years worth of mail collaborations with players like Burning Star Core, Alan Dubin (Khanate, Gnaw, OLD), Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaimph), David Shuford (NNCK, Enos Slaughter), Pigeons, Kuwayama Kiyoharu, Marshall Avett (Zandosis), Greg Wildes (Gas Tank Orchestra), Carl Smith / Derek Phelps, Darwin Smith, Smith Harrison and Dr. Mijin Kim. Buncha styles devoured and regurgitated, from scattershot drone explosions and spare percussive strategies through laminal flashes of rainbow electronics. Plus it’s all compiled and programmed in a way that is totally maximalist, giving it the feel of some weird Euro art/rock obscurity in the orbit of Futura/Red et al. Excellent.

Imagine Yourself Here...

Yew 01


Massive album from Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards/GHQ/Hototogisu et al) aka Zaimph, the debut release for her new private press imprint Yew: Imagine Yourself Here... moves away from Bassett’s previous post-Taj Mahal Travellers-style outer-space drone and into a more rigorous, compositional zone that factors in aspects of occult geometries and psychogeography, mapping the night-time spaces of the city via two side-long pieces. The first side consists of a collage of many different recordings which came out of a period of working on a soundtrack to a film and that utilises ExiTrip, an obsolete transmitter for iPods. The feel is of a city under surveillance, paranoiac, with a nexus of ghost voices and virtual sonic environments conjured from straight out of the air. Strafing neon drones cut-through the fuzzy darkness while inchoate electronics jump-cut between time-lines. There are aspects of Peter Christopherson’s ambiguous tape work in Throbbing Gristle and Coil as well as Alan Lamb’s alchemical translations of faraway wires before the second half opens with Marcia breathing wordless angel vox over skittering electronics and various low-level percussive sounds while the crackle of pure current feeds into a high keyboard  mass and arcs of torrential fuzz, with the disembodied voices providing a psychotic, mind-loosening finale. It’s a stunning work, a complex and deeply atmospheric soundworld that has little parallel outside of perhaps the tape-work and hermetic nocturnal soundings of New Zealand’s Omit, especially Quad, the monster three CD set that Bruce Russell put out via Corpus Hermeticum. Over on the flip there’s the most profoundly alien of live one-take solo guitar pieces of Bassett’s career, arcing with all of the lunar majesty and outer space energies of Solstice/Musick To Play In The Dark-era Coil, with six strings processed until they sound like an orchestra of backwards harmoniums hymning the heavens. Imagine Yourself Here... represents a major evolution of sound for Zaimph and comes very highly recommended! 


Dungeon Taxis #27


Massive side from Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards/Hototogisu et al: this continues in the dense, paranoid, late night cityscape style of her recent releases, with a broken Rhythm Master sounding weird dunting sub-aqueous tones while circuit boards pull voices straight out of the air, with the feel of scanning nocturnal airways and picking up snatches of barely decipherable conversation or machine noise. Later tracks go heavier on the electro rhythms with a weird Coil/Thought Broadcast appeal that says Vanity Records like nothing else. Loving Marcia’s recent form and this is another major instalment. Instantly sold out at source.

Pale Heat Of Summer

Heavy Blossom No Cat


Out of print 2007 limited self-released album from GHQ that spans a bunch of different line-ups, from deeply focussed psychedelic space navigated by the duo of Marcia Bassett (Hototogisu/Zaimph et al) on guitar and Steve Gunn on viola through almost Japanese sounding trio blow-outs with Basset and Gunn joined by John Truscinski (XO4/Slaughterhouse Percussion et al) on drums and electric guitar. Their most overtly psychedelic outing in a while, just beautiful, endlessly deep voids of slow-motion electricity and lucid Americana. Tracks recorded live in Montague and Brooklyn. Packaged in black hard card sleeves with screened gold artwork.