Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Bird Nest Roys
Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love

Flying Nun FNCT-005


Major collection that bundles all extant recordings from this fascinating fringe New Zealand guitar pop group: Bird Nest Roys were a six piece who came out of Auckland in the mid 1980s and who became honorary long-distance proponents of the ‘Dunedin Sound’ that defined the early days of Flying Nun. Bird Nest Roys played zoned wide-open garage pop with dense layers of jangling guitar – there were four guitarist in the group – cut with killer massed vocal harmonies and a moody/epic quality that was comparable to The Verlaines but with a tougher/soaring appeal. “Alien” remains one of the great early NZ anthems and it’s here in all its glory alongside their full LP, the Whack It All Down EP and the Jaffa Boy 7”. Members later went on to become part of great groups like The 3Ds and Snapper but this is where it all began, a dazzling collection of classic early NZ garage pop in a double LP with a pop-out EP sleeve, unreleased/unrecorded live material, previously unseen posters, liners and ephemera. Fantastic – highly recommended.