Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

The Conduits
Repetition Is The Sincerest Form Of Repetition



Edition of 50 copies reissue of a very obscure cassette reputedly recorded and released in the early-1980s by a pair of agricultural students named Chancre and Canker. Inspired by Non’s massively potent locked-groove epic Pagan Muzak they began experimenting with tape loops, reel-to-reel players, scratchy sound effects records and answering machine tapes. The results are pretty bent, with a hands-on repeato vibe that is straight out of the Aaron Dilloway songbook over jungle and machine sounds that would reconcile the exotic settings of Monopoly Child Star Searchers with the hallucinatory environs of Basil Kirchin. Throw in some classic LAFMS/BUFMS-style hobbyist electro and a post-Freak approach to aleatoric psychedelic brutalism and I’m more than sold. Comes with free dried spaghetti!

Bren't Lewiis Ensemble
A Real Nice Clambake



Edition of 75 ‘tour’ CD-R, released to coincide with the Ensemble’s appearance at the 2011 Colour Out Of Space festival in Brighton, England. This is a fantastic big-band performance recorded in 1987 that feels less elusive and more coherently structured than some of the group’s work. While there is plenty of surreal tape loopage and infomercial chatter it’s bracketed by some fantastically ‘out’ jams that have a lucid, Venusian quality. Some of the guitar work sounds like drunken loops of Loren Connors while at their most ‘explosive’ the group succeed in mainlining Faust’s classic “Krautrock” via what sounds like a warehouse full of devotees and almost Stare Case-style bass jams. A killer side from Brent Lewis, cutting their communal improvisatory style with inspired tape-work and a classic/mysterious, low-level avant rock edge. Comes in the usual classy packaging with art inserts etc. 

Idler Arms
Kubelik Unbugged



So we’re sitting round in the VT store and suddenly I had the thought – like you do – whatever happened to Vomit Launch? No one knew. Doubly weird when I cracked open the latest order from BUFMS that very day (!) only to come across this, a series of archival recordings from Idler Hands from 1988 that featured – wait for it – Larry Crane of Vomit Launch on guitar, bass and keyboards! Be careful what you wish for, etc. But this is just so much gravy, a series of aggressively cranked guitar-based instrumentals cut with Lucian Tielens (Bren't Lewiis et al) and Mark Evans (Fat Chick From Wilson Phillips et al) that draw on the same nightmare USA pot as instrumentalists like Simply Saucer and The Girls. Idler Arms take the basic Kraut/jam blueprint of classic early Can and industrialise it, using chopping rhythms, sprays of noise and machine rhythms to generate a more psychedelic take on early Chrome or even 1978-era Fushitsusha. This is classic garage band instrumental jams w/the kind of dark post-1980s urban/nightmare edge that we all go for. A fantastic archival release from BUFMS that made our goddamn week at VT. Edition of only 50 copies, highly recommended!

Bren't Lewiis Ensemble
Refreshing Hemorrhage



Fantastic ultra-crude demolition of a buncha DIY/avant strategies from this re-modelled version of the Ensemble featuring Lucian Tielens on guitar, keyboard and kazoo, Silvia Kastel (Control Unit) on vocals and ‘Gnarlos’ on tapes and voice. A side features a distressed heavy/laminal demolition of two version of Manchester DIY gods God’s Gift’s “People” with Kastel on oracular hypno vox while the flip features a deranged field noise assault on ONO’s “O Jackie O” that sounds like the Fugs slum goddess jug band and a buncha tape noise that makes The Faust Tapes sound like music for hippies. Edition of only 100 copies!

Silvia Kastel/Ninni Morgia/Bren’t Lewiis
Fix It Again, Tony



Great, trans-continental collaboration between Euro avantists and Control Unit tag-team Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia and legendary musical savants Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, here represented by Gnarols and Lucian Tielens: recorded ‘face-to-face’ in April 2012, this is a fairly wild ride, with Morgia’s electric guitar reinvented as a particularly brutal sonic reducer that works more like a ‘simple’ channel for electricity than anything tonal. Kastel’s electronics have alla the ticker-tape/nightmare appeal of Tolerance w/a heady hobbyist vibe that has an cracked LAFMS telethon feel. Gnarlos and Tielens bring guitar, voice, objects and tapes to the mix and they combine a kind Smegma-style usurpation of traditional small instruments ‘mores’ with a fully zonked Saturn records vibe, you know those weird Sun Ra fade-outs where all that’s left is the sound of some kind of strange string that sounds like a radiator being bowed in a vacuum? Well, there’s plenty of that here, giving it the feel of a Music Improvisation Company in space or a toy-town Arkestra calling planet earth. More claustrophobic and brain-searingly electronic than the mass Lewiis actions but with a nagging/eerie late night appeal that will score points with followers of Yeast Culture, Small Cruel Party et al. And don’t try to maintain that ain’t you. 

Bren't Lewiis Ensemble
Rapture Piles



Edition of 50 copies live recording from this cranky dada/no art/no instrument free form ensemble w/connections to the BUFMS/Bananafish crew: lunges from weird automatic Shadow Ring/Nurse With Wound style tape/vocal constructs through what purports to be a quintet for lettuce spinners, showtunes reduced to epiglottal grunt fests, ‘cover versions’ of Canadian prog monsters Klaatu and Magazine and a feel for the kind of truly ‘post-rock’ moves that would marry the American hobbyist style of the LAFMS with wild abstractions from the free improvising communal model of groups like Group Ongaku, East Bionic Symphonia, Marginal Consort et al but with a profound, autistic, non-instrumental focus. A darker shot from Bren’t here, with an eerie, dislocated atmosphere and a great feel for the sound of the American night mare.

The Protons
Live 1981



Amazing edition of only 50 copies document of feral teen disobedience, recorded by “an unruly gang of Northern California wisenheimers led by the class president”: with seven rehearsal tracks recorded on a boombox in the park and three from a high school talent show, this is an almost too-good-to-be-true slice of aural wuh? that takes off on the kind of hi-jacked hormonal hysteria of Suckdog’s Drugs Are Nice or some kinda Darby Crash/Wild Man Fischer garbage can school band. The Protons sing primitive blues w/clattering random percussion in the tradition of The A Band/The Strolling Ones/The Familiar Ugly et al with the feel of kids maddened by the liberating potential of high energy rock/roll freak. Looks like Larry Crane of Vomit Launch/Idler Arms is involved, which makes sense, as it has his brand of total aural disobedience stamped all over it. As the label blurb puts it: “Violent entertainment and guerilla war struggle, the reaching of their classmates’ inner minds and sanctifying them through sonic booms are the stated objectives, and barked polemics and nonsense, pomposity and insincerity, dry wit and tasteless camp are the glorious results.” Alright!

Vomit Launch
Shocking Early Works Vol. 1


7” EP

It seems like only yesterday we were having the where are they now discussion about Vomit Launch when BUFMS went and released some killer archival jams featuring Vomit’s Larry Crane as part of Idler Arms. And now this: a 33rpm retrospective EP that bundles three early raw living room and live recordings from the original Vomit Launch in 1985. Previously only available on an obscure cassette release, this captures the kind of refusenik no-musicians ennui of the Vomit sound, with “The Only Way Is Down” populated by yawns, sighs and breakout female vocals while ‘the band’ make with what sounds like Midwestern punks trying to make semaphore contact with the ghost of Lou Reed. There’s a raucous rip through Flipper’s “Sex Bomb”, bled into a condenser mic the size of a pin head and a breakout attempt on “Swelling Admiration” that is to UK DIY what The Godz were to ESP-Disk. Great avant/garage/pop w/nada in terms of ability but with a euphoric, inventive edge that is pure post-teen USA hobbyist. Comes with cool vintage sleeve notes from Lindy Lettuce. Highly recommended!

Bren't Lewiis Ensemble



Edition of 50 copies large ensemble studio working form this mysterious BUFMS satellite: buncha heads contributing to this including Dylan Nyoukis, Lucian Tielens, Joan Of Art, Silvia Kastel and Gnarlos and the whole CD works as a unified piece, moving from really effective tape workings that walk the line between funny, surreal and unsettling like nothing this side of Locust Abortion Technician to acapella renderings of Christmas songs, creepy down-tuned cover versions of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, long passages of cultic higher-minded percussion hypnosis and large scale environmental soundings complete with unidentifiable verbage that ties up Small Cruel Party with Le Forte Four for an effect that’s akin to an aural version of Bananafish. A great set, each of which comes with an original numbered and hand-stamped ticket for the Gloria theatre production that never was. Recommended.

Serious Problmz
369 ½



Excellent archival document of this previously undocumented mid-80s USA avant/garage/experimental ensemble in an edition of only 50 copies: Serious Problmz met-up on a weekly basis to record and jam throughout the mid-80s with players such as Lucian Tielens (Idler Arms/Bren’t Lewiis/Glands Of External Secretion et al), Thor Heglund, Felix Mace and Mark Evans taking part. Using traditional and DIY instrumentation – guitars, drum machine, bass, noise makers, typewriters, telephones, electronic machinery – the group offer a mid-80s nightmare basement riposte to the environmental improvisations of Japan’s Group Ongaku, with black, deep drones bisected with usurped documentations of domestic activity and crude non-musical blurt in a way that takes the whole improvising ensemble set-up into zones of American hobbyist excess ala the key LAFMS satellites. Still, there’s an austerity to the work that marks it out as something else other than the more cartoon/manic electro-acoustic post-LAFSM/pre-Chocolate Monk ethos, with an almost classical feel for crud tones and subtle monochord nowheres, almost as if Biota or the Mnemonists hadda been dosed with the early Destroy All Monsters tapes, moving from collage-based DIY psychedelia into inarticulate basement rock with a teen goth edge. But this is fantastic, another shot straight from the mystery zone thanks to BUFMS. Recommended. 

Felix Mace
Boundary Situation



Edition of 50 copies solo work from Felix Mace, once of mid-80s BUFMS satellites Serious Problmz: made while Mace was undergoing the early phase of chemotherapy, Boundary Situation presents a series of obsessive ‘chemo-narratives’ using electronics, loops, signal processing, ambient textures and eccentric voices to navigate his newly industrialised synapses, combining jacked rock riffs, hypnotic vocal reveries, the ghost of MRI machines and environmental sound to stunning compositional effect, w/crude OPN-isms married to dread-infused concrete experiments (ala In Menstrual Night, which may be the closest comparison) that feel oddly euphoric, constantly peaking towards the kind of zone that would reconcile the worlds of radio play, bedroom electronics and advanced psycho/biological therapy as a form of self-working. Highly personal, weirdly disturbing, oddly beautiful, another great one-off from BUFMS. Comes with an insert and free BUFMS-stamped gauze pad. Recommended.