Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Vanishing Voice

Meudiademorte MDDM-28

One-Sided C50 Cassette

Major album from The Vanishing Voice minus Wooden Wand and Satya Sai in an edition of 200 copies with gold silkscreened sleeves. Starts off in a beautifully evocative almost Mirror-esque glassy trance style before levitating through screaming radio waves ala MEV into something quite unlike anything else in their back catalogue, something that more closely resembles the more Bower-reverent moments of Pete Nolan's early Spectre Flux material. Either way, it sounds fantastic and might just be the best release by this cabal to date. OOP.


Meudiademorte MDDM-22

Cassette + 3" CD-R

"One old track when Datashock was a 2 piece project (released in a different version on bris cul records drone season 2) which starts off echoing UMMAGUMMA-era Pink Floyd and quickly mutates into an alien exercise in applying heavy reverb, massive repeating delay, and the Doppler effect to simulate giant machines and robots coming and going. Wether (mike haley founder of electric human project) came up with a Wretched, degraded dope electronic track. The 3" CD-R includes remixes from the cassette tracks: Tobert Knopp (Aosuke, Turbostaat) remixed the Datashock track and Aughra (Brent Eyestone from the Magic Bullet record label and bands such as Forensics, Corn On Macabre, Waifle) remixed the Wether track. Limited to 100." - Meudiamorte. Comes in a cool oversize full-colour art sleeve in hangable display bag.